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Beginners Guide for Vaping

Vaping is a modern-day technique of smoking. Vapers precisely inhale a nicotine-infused vapour right from an e-liquid or e-juice. The e-juice is heated with the help of an electronic device, making the vapour which the vaping user inhales.
Vape devices come in diverse sizes and specific formats, which includes e-cigarettes and mods. The device has a heating component, battery, wicking material, and a tank that grips/stores the e-juice.
The wicking device is enfolded across the used heating coil. It absorbs the e-juice, and by pressing the attached power button, the vapour is generated for vaping. Here is a beginner’s guide for vaping especially crafted for you, so let’s explore more details.
What are the components that make a Vape Kit ready for use?
• Drip tip: This is the tip for inhalation, which works as a precise chimney for the vapour to come right from the coil and move straight to your lungs.
• Tank: The glass or plastic casing that is surrounding your coil, right amid the drip tip and battery. The tank is what grips and stores your e-juice so it can be moved right to the coil.
• Coil: It is constructed of wire and cotton material that serves to absorb your e-juice from the interior of the tank. It heats and turns e-juice to vapour when you press the attached button and directly inhale. Vape coils come in flexible resistances reliant on the category and type of vape you use.
• Battery: The powerhouse of the vape device, the battery explicitly heats the coil to start it for use.
The Strength and Levels of Nicotine
The overall strength of nicotine in your e-juice is significant, mainly if you are switching from traditional smoking to modern-day vaping.
The amount you get from a conventional cigarette is much higher than vaping. This is because the approached smoke directly reacts with the human body in most traditional cigarettes when compared to the aerosol vapour right from an e-cigarette.
Principally, the level specified on the bottle is how much nicotine you receive per 1 ml of vape liquid, and so you can better control the nicotine levels.
All-Purpose and Suggested Breakdown of Nicotine Consumption
• For light smokers, it is recommended to try out the 6 mg nicotine strength.
• If you smoke a pack across the day kind of a person, try a middle-range of 12 mg strength.
• If you are precisely a heavy smoker, you can initiate on a higher nicotine level, ranging between 18 mg to 24 mg strength.
• Lastly, anyone who is an occasional smoker, commence with 3 mg nicotine strength and observe the overall experience. If that seems heavy, you can get an e-juice of 0 mg strength and dilute the liquid for little nicotine in the mixture.
How Do I Essentially Utilise My Vape?
So, how you need to vape is even an essential aspect for which vaping devices you must buy. There are two processes and methodologies when it comes to how you utilise the vape.
• Mouth-to-Lung (MTL): It is imitating the technique utilised by usual smokers in that you directly draw vapour right into your mouth and then to the lungs. There are specific types of vapes that are shaped particularly for this method, with a coil of 1-ohm resistance or more.
• Direct-to-Lung (DTL): It is typically the method utilised by more practised vapers who require a more resounding lung hit. One can inhale deeply and get more of the desired flavour right on the exhale, avoiding the stage where the vapour is in the mouth. This technique is more suitable for sub-ohm vape.
The Vaping Experience
Once you are comfortable with the overall experience of vaping and have decided on a fixed strength that works for you, you can slowly trim down the nicotine levels.
If you drastically reduce nicotine all in all, however, still want to relish vaping, you can get your likeable e-juices in a 0 mg strength category.
Moving Forward
If you want higher nicotine content with Mouth-to-Lung (MTL) vaping, similar to how you would use a traditional cigarette, you must opt for a vape pen with a superior and robust flavour involving a sharp throat hit effect.
However, if you have more fun with immense vapour production and big clouds, Direct-to-Lung (DTL) vaping is suggested for deep lung drags. It offers a mild throat hit with a seamless pull.
At Driplocker, whether you are an absolutely new user to vaping or a practised one, you will find an extensive range of vape kits that fits your wants and desires. You can effortlessly explore our Salt Nicotine e-liquids and a series of flavour profiles right on our website.


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