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What are the Best Surgical Treatments to Reduce Wrinkles on the Face?

As we age, our body will change. With age, our skin loses the elasticity and wrinkles become more conspicuous. Nowadays, many people are facing the problems with the wrinkles, and many try different methods to reduce wrinkles.

Thanks to advanced medical treatments, today we have solutions for every problem. There are many cosmetic surgeries to reduce wrinkles, and in this article you are going to see some of the best treatments to reduce wrinkles and bring youthfulness to your face.

Chicago Institute of plastic surgery is an experienced plastic surgery center in Chicago, we have the best plastic surgeons in Chicago, and we provide treatments for many body and facial problems. Let’s see some of the best surgical treatments to reduce wrinkles.

Botox Cosmetic Treatment
Botox cosmetic treatment is one of the popular treatments that is used to treat wrinkles. The reasons for the appearance of the wrinkles are different. Some of the reasons are, when we smile, talk, and give facial expressions, the muscle movement causes wrinkles. This type of wrinkles is called dynamic. And the other reason is due to reduction in the collagen under the skin.

Botox cosmetic treatment can target the nerve system and it will partially paralyze the muscle contraction to reduce muscle movement. This will reduce the chance of dynamic wrinkles appearing, and it is one of the most effective treatments for wrinkles. You can consult Chicago Institute of plastic surgery for Botox cosmetic surgery in Chicago. We have experience in providing wrinkles treatments for many people.

Dysport Cosmetic Treatment
Dysport treatment is also one of the popular treatments to treat wrinkles. This Dysport treatment is not different from Botox, the only difference between Botox and Dysport is the concentration of drug used.

If you are searching for the best Dysport treatment clinic in Chicago, then you can choose Chicago Institute of Plastic Surgery. We provide all types of cosmetic treatments and our clinic is one of the top Dysport treatment clinics.

Xeomin Cosmetic treatment
Xeomin treatment for wrinkle smoothing is one of the best options to reduce wrinkles. It works similar to Botox treatment and it is FDA approved treatment. Many people try Xeomin to reduce wrinkles and fine lines on their face.
Chicago Institute of plastic surgery can provide Xeomin treatment for wrinkle smoothing, and we have experienced surgeons to provide the best solutions.

If you are looking for a plastic surgery center in Chicago, then visit our clinic. We provide all types of cosmetic treatments and we have the best equipment at our clinic.


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