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How to Choose the Right Interactive Whiteboard

Also known as an interactive board or smart board, an interactive whiteboard (IWB) is a display board in the form of a whiteboard. It can be used in various places, such as classrooms at all levels of education, corporate board rooms, work groups, professional sports coaching training rooms, television studios, and more.

The electronic whiteboard evolved from the ordinary whiteboard. It’s developed from the original copy-type electronic whiteboard to the current interactive electronic whiteboard. It has more convenient and efficient functions than the old-style whiteboard such as blackboard management, human-computer interaction, remote teaching, video conferencing, and Internet connection. Its meanings now have far exceeded the word "whiteboard". For users of electronic whiteboards, how to choose a product that suits them best is most important when facing various types of electronic whiteboards on the market.

Therefore, when choosing an electronic whiteboard, it is recommended to bear these questions in mind:
1. From the perspective of daily users: Is it convenient to use and can the instructions be quickly mastered?
2. Which input methods are supported: special pen, handwriting, whiteboard pen, or others?
3. Is the writing smooth and accurate?
4. In what format is the written content saved? Can the process be saved in audio and video formats?
5. What types of computer files can be opened by the whiteboard software?
6. How can I connect it to the computer? With wires (such as USB, serial port, etc)? Wireless?
7. What kind of operating system does it support when connected to a computer?
8. Can the software be upgraded and is it free?
9. Do you require high durability of the electronic whiteboard? Or do you have other performance requirements that are important to your daily usage?

So, it is important to ask yourself these questions when you choose an electronic whiteboard on the market. A clearer mind will surely help you get your best pick.


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