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10 Most Popular Magento Themes

For all of you who are ready to start an online business, below you can find the most popular Magento themes. Bear in mind, each theme on the list is full of features and wonderful extensions which give you a chance to get as creative as you would like.
The one-of-a-kind ecommerce website you always fantasized about is not far from being blasted to the online world anymore.
1. Porto:
With the number of features it delivers, no doubt, Porto is a popular Magento theme ready to take care of your online store’s presence. Heck, it will bring it to the next level in all, web design, compatibility and performance. Porto comes with twenty predesigned demos, ready for you to utilize and sort out your eCommerce website quickly and reliably. It is all there, at the tip of your fingers. No need to be looking elsewhere for any additional extensions and whatnot. Porto is jam-packed with the necessary elements that follow the standards of a modern and complicated online shop.
Multiple headers, different sliders, numerous category pages and a vertical large menu are all entirely customizable. Moreover, Porto is mobile-ready to satisfy all your shoppers on the go. Meaning, they can shop wherever they are using nothing but their mobile devices. For any additional assistance, you can always reach out to the expert support or flip through in-depth documentation. Porto is best selling Magento theme since 2014. It’s optimized for performance and support both of Magento 1 and 2, bunch of famous Magento extensions.

2. Handy:
This theme was created to help small businesses build beautiful and engaging websites that could help attract customers. It is elegant and very adaptable – a simple and effective tool for webmasters with little to no coding knowledge.
One of the things that make this theme stand apart is that it’s easy to configure. So, you can make it look the way you want it too without too much hassle. Moreover, this theme also provides streamlined filtering, loading, and sorting processes.
If you're a brand made up of a small team, or a small business in general, this is the ideal web design template to start out. It comes with all the vital bells and whistles and growing brand needs and it comes with an ease in setup that makes it a no brainer.

3. Kallyas:
Kallyas is one of the most downloaded WordPress themes and for a good reason. It is extremely versatile, covering the needs of a wide range of businesses, from start-ups to large companies, from homemade jewelry and yoga studios to high-tech services. New demos are released every month, and the customer support they offer is fast and reliable. You can also access guides and video tutorials that can help you get your site up and running.
Unique and versatile, Kallyas truly deserves its name as the “World’s Most Enjoyable Visual Website Builder.”
There's no denying the number of exciting heights your business can reach with the help of this web design themes, equipped with more than 100 pre-built tools that will answer any e-commerce or business problem you can come up with.

4. Supro:
If you dig the minimum look in an online store, you can now achieve this same style with the use of Supro. And you do not have to start from square one. With eighteen available demos, Supro offers quite a plethora of options that will serve your business idea with ease. You can employ this magnificent Magento theme for anything from selling clothing and accessories to furniture, toys, shoes, glasses, you name it. Additionally, you can also perform customization tweaks, styling the default look according to your branding directions precisely.
Other features of Supro contain AMP support, page builder, quick view, instant search and Instagram shop. Of course, this is still just a small section of all the goodies that Supro offers you. You can start a blog, too, and implement content marketing. Start on the web like a pro with Supro now.

5. Ayo:
Ayo is a multi-functional Magento theme that allows you to sell just about any products you want. With the collection of over twenty demos, Ayo covers niches like electronics, fashion, furniture, food, pharmacy and the list goes on. Many of the demos also come in RTL version out of the box. In short, Ayo saves you a ton of time and energy.
This web design is also optimized for fast loading speed and compatible with all popular devices. Ayo makes sure that everyone has a pleasant shopping experience at home or on the go. With frequent updates, Ayo also guarantees the smooth operation of your ecommerce website for years to come.

6. Molla:
Building an online store with a Magento theme takes little time. Molla is an excellent alternative that helps you enjoy a quick-start with all the ready-made designs and features. Just the demos alone, there are well over twenty for you to pick the style that resonates with you best. Of course, Molla also has all the necessary internal pages for smooth operation of an eCommerce website.
Molla is compatible with mobile devices, web browsers, retina-ready, fast loading and AMP-friendly. It uses only the latest technologies to offer everyone a killer experience. Every product pops beautifully to grab potential buyers’ attention immediately. Start on the right foot with Molla now.

7. Athlete2:
Athlete2 is a popular Magento theme that fits anything sports-related. With an array of ready-made concepts, you can start multiple online stores relatively quickly. Each of the very many custom-made samples is powerful, practical and versatile, fitting many objectives as is. But if you would like to use Athlete2 for something entirely different due to the amazing looks, by all means, make it happen. Athlete2 is always down for the challenge and will make sure that you establish an eCommerce site that will get the conversions going strong.
Some of the amenities include Slider Revolution, mega menu, lazy load, product slider, hover effect, product quick view, social media integration and reviews. You can entirely modify Athlete2 and modify it to your wants to the very last detail. Also, you need to build nothing yourself, as Athlete2 rocks it all for you to take to your advantage.

8. Complex:
Complex is non complex to use but when it comes to building complex eCommerce websites, this is the best Magento theme you can go with. It is a multi-purpose tool which means that you can use it for selling whatever products you are passionate about. Even when it comes to expanding your offerings, Complex adapts to it with ease.
Four main demos and an additional RTL one hit you once you unbox the Complex package. Moreover, you are treated to multiple header styles, vertical mega menu, one step checkout and product video. Complex is also responsive and retina screen ready, has an organized and user-friendly admin page and included blog module. Use the latter for content marketing and reach a new level of success. Bring in new people, boost your traffic and see the sales coming in regularly.

9. Claue:
Claue provides everything that you will ever need to have an amazing web shop. It truly is eye candy but you will only understand that once your browse Claue’s live preview page. The tool has quickly become one of the most attractive Magento themes on the internet and it is not difficult to see why. It comes with all the must-have features that you need to drive your online business forward.
Over twenty home pages give you all the options you need to get the look you want. Create the exact online store you dreamt about all until this very moment. There are tons of different ways for your customers to shop and complete purchase. A fully integrated blog feature is also included in the Claue kit to give them the news and information that they want. Claue is the unique and original solution that you need to skyrocket your eCommerce page.

10. Eren:
You can very easily create a super personal online shopping experience with popular Magento theme, Eren. It is a nifty and eye friendly tool with remarkable web design and loads of fantastic options. Eren contains seven marvelous index page designs that will knock your socks off. These are all clean, minimal but at the same time expert and premium.
Chances are, you will want to go with the look of choice as is, add your content and launch the website you will put together in little to no time. On the other hand, you can still make improvements along the way and individualize Eren however you see fit. Whatever path you take, the eCommerce website you craft will be professional and qualified to grow your business exponentially. The possibilities Eren treats you to be close to endless. Feature daily deals, start a blog, create a neat header and show brand you carry with a smooth slider.


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