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Top 12 Tips for Naming Your Startup Business

Top 12 Tips for Naming Your Startup Business

The name of your startup business is the prime highlight. Choose a name that appeals to the target consumers, is catchy, and pleasing to the ears. If you end up choosing a name that is too long, it might confuse the consumers. However, it might not convey a proper message about your startup business if it is too short.

Naming your business is a cardinal part of startup registration in India. There are a few common mistakes about naming that you can avoid. Like if you choose a name that is too specific, it might hinder any plans for further business expansion.

So here are a few naming tips for startup registration in India:

1. Do Your Research First

It is essential to do your research before choosing a name for your startup. Keep a few options in hand so that you are not short of choices. Suppose you like a name, check on the internet to see if a company already exists. If it does, the better decision is to choose otherwise. You may modify the name a bit, but it might generate a few problems.

Since the other company already has devoted consumers, choosing a closely related name might affect your market. Therefore, making it difficult for you to attract potential customers.

2. Choose A .com Domain Name

A wise decision while startup registration in India is choosing a .com domain name for your company. If you choose a .com domain, it gives the impression that you are established, popular, reliable. It is a popular notion, and you can easily benefit from it.

3. Easy To Spell Names

If you use a problematic name for your company, it might not be very popular among users. They might misspell it, fail to memorise or miscommunicate it. Therefore, if you choose a tricky name, you provide an opportunity to your competitor to benefit from your drawback.

4. Meaningful Name

There is a probability that your unique name might benefit you in the long run. But for a startup Indian company registration, choose a meaningful name. It should be something that conveys the functions of your company. It will help you to attract potential clients easily.

5. Trademark Search

Trademark is essential for registering your name. Therefore, have options in hand in case you need to make changes. Please conduct a trademark search before registering your name to avoid complications.

6. Feedback Can Be Helpful

Opinion can be beneficial regarding nomenclature. Get professional feedback after deciding on a name for your company. It will be helpful if you are open to positive criticism. In this way, you can end up choosing a perfect name for your company.

7. Is It Captivating?

A company name should neither be too dull nor obvious. It should be something that will pique the interest of consumers. Moreover, the employees should be comfortable using it in public. If it fits all the criteria, it will automatically become catchy.

8. Not Too Specific

Suppose if you have a garments store, avoid naming it ‘Saree Store’. Instead, use a general term; in this way, you attract customers who want to buy more than just sarees. Therefore, use a name that allows you to expand your business in due time.

9. Does It Sound Right?

Sometimes you may end up choosing a name that looks great on paper. But if you say it aloud, it might not seem that great. In such cases, you may choose otherwise or modify it slightly. You and your clients, employees should feel easy while pronouncing the name and avoid misspells.

10. Secretary Of State Check

During a startup India registration process, ensure that you conduct a Secretary of State search. It is a body that records and controls the registration of companies. If your name matches or is similar to any of the existing names, they will not allow you to use it. Thereby, you need to choose differently and check again.

It might take up time, but it is vital, so take the help of a business setup company.

11. Keeping A Handful Set Of Names

You may take assistance from professionals while selecting a name for your company. It might be challenging to come up with a bunch of unique names. There are multiple criteria to keep in mind, and it might seem like an added burden.

So, you can choose to take the support of professionals who can think bring innovation. You can rely on their creativity and get a great set of names as options.

12. Rely On Personal Experience

You can use a name for the startup India registration process reminiscent of a personal memory or experience. Your company may remind you of a moment or a person and make the name extra special.


It will be great to follow your instinct and choose a name that is your personal favorite. Ensure that you keep in mind most of the criteria and have fun in the naming process.


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