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What are Bulk Mailing Services and How to Choose Your Type of Mail?

Want to optimize your marketing budget? Get started with mail services near me, and you can take advantage of bulk business mail that offers you greater exposure while helping you save a great amount of money.

Sending mails in bulk is indeed a cost-effective system for your business. However, to get qualified for bulk mailing postage rates, you are required to meet certain criteria or a minimum number of pieces. The number of pieces would depend upon the type of mail that is being sent. Check out the following minimum mailing piece numbers:

First Class Mail - 500 pieces
Carrier Route Bound Printed or Presorted Mail - 300 pieces
Library Mail - 300 pieces
Media Mail - 300 pieces
USPS Marketing Mail - 200 pieces
Every Door Direct Mailing - 200 pieces
Parcel Select - 50 pieces

Type of Mail and How to Choose it?

There are several types of mail services. When looking for bulk mail services near me, you can choose the specific one as per your business needs.

First Class Mail
Businesses who want to send bulk mails across the country can opt-in for first-class mail. It is the best option for such businesses as the first-class mailpieces offer flat rates, regardless of the distance, whether the mail is being delivered 20 miles or 2000 miles away.
The first-class mail can include cards, letters, parcels, or any such things that weigh less than 13 ounces.

Marketing Mail
International mails do not qualify for marketing mail. It can be used to send newsletters, circulars, flyers, catalogs, and parcels to your potential or current customers. It must be remembered that each mailpiece in the marketing bulk date postage must weigh less than 16 ounces, or else it would get disqualified.

Every Door Direct Mailing (EDDM)
When you don't have any specific names or addresses, and you want to target your neighborhood areas, choose Every Door Direct Mailing (EDDM). It is a good choice for realtors, small businesses, local politicians, or restaurants who want to promote themselves in their local areas. It allows marketing mail flats weighing around 3.3 oz at a huge discount.

Renting a Bulk Mailing Service

Check out the recommended bulk mailing services.

Printing for Less (PFL)
Businesses that need custom printing, sizes or effects, or personalized services can opt for PFL services that handle mailing as well.

Amazing Mail
When businesses need rapid printing or mailing brochures, letters, postcards, amazing mail will upload your designs. They will then stamp, address, and mail all your items with first-class postage and postal protect the coating.

It prioritizes shipping facility and next business day mailing and printing. It also offers free tutorials, mailing list rentals, and APIs.
You can get your flyers, advertisements, and postcards printed using free design templates. You can also hire a designer for more creativity.

It provides print advertising services and full-service direct marketing for small to medium-sized businesses.

Amplified Mail
It supplies ROI responses and tracks your mail. Besides, it offers personalized consultations for your mail strategies and design.

When you are searching for mail services near me, It is recommended to choose a standard process as it can make everything easier where employees need not spend their week on bulk mailing projects.


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