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Best Way To Learn How To Code

Coding means feeding our commands in the computer in a language the computer understand, so that the computer can carry out the said command, and perform the tasks. Is also the ability to make a computer do a particular task through instructions written in a programming language.
1. Know your goal
Let start with the very basics. The first things you need is a clear goal. That’s if you don’t have a goal.
2. Understand what coding is
• What is coding
• Introduction to programming language
• Front- end vs back- end development
• How the internet works
• Help workflow tools for coding
• Computer science fundamentals

3. Choose your area of specialization
• Building a website
• Programming a video game
• Analyzing data
• Creating machine
• Coding mobile apps for android devices
4. Start an online course

5. Solve real world problems
• Build a small twitter bot program
• Automate a daily report at work
• Update a website of a friend or relative
• Write a program that organizes your photos

6. Build meaningful projects
7. Web development for beginners
It’s designed for beginners who are keen to see the results of their coding quickly—in just five days (or sooner if you apply yourself), you’ll build your very first webpage in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. It’s completely free, and on successful completion, you get awarded credit towards the full career-change web development program.
8. Plural sight
Plural Sight teaches both existing and aspiring developers by pairing instructors with high quality content. Coding classes are accessible through the use of screencasts and video tutorials, and cover Ruby, java script, iOS, HTML/CSS.
9. General assemble
With both fulltime and part-time courses on offer, General Assembly, now famous for its “boot camp”-style courses, gives students the chance to learn all facets of WEB DEVELOPMENT. GA has locations scattered over the US, a handful in Australia and one in the UK.


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