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An Inspiration to Decorate Your Space Using Magnolia Home Rugs

Area rugs are the best solution for any space that lacks excitement or looks dull and boring. Rugs have the uncanny ability to elevate any area they are placed on and will make all the elements look coherent and in harmony with each other. Rugs have carved a niche for themselves in the world of interiors and some interior designers even say that rug is the first décor element that they purchase from all the other elements. Everything else is either inspired by it or has some intonations of it. Magnolia home rugs add a sense of coziness and hygge to any room, on top of that it brings vibrancy, texture and depth to the décor. So, all in all a win-win situation.

Nowadays, we come across a huge range of rug designs all in their glory, making it very hard for the customer to choose one. But one rugs range I can blindly trust and have full faith in, is the Magnolia home rugs by Joanna Gaines. Now we all know who she is, with her very popular show HGTV and Upper fixer, we have all seen her and her husband transforming and giving new life to many homes which apparently seemed hopeless. Joanna Gaines has a very distinct and personalized taste yet everyone can relate and resonates with it. Her rugs possess the same qualities as her designs, you’ll find all kinds of colors, textures, patterns, intricacy and acute sensibility in her designs. Her range of Magnolia home rugs effortlessly blends in with the décor and uplifts each and every element.

Wholesale rugs Springfield takes pride in having the biggest variety of Magnolia home rugs and in this article, I will give you inspirational ideas and tips to décor your home with Magnolia home rugs.

1. Consider your Décor Style and Personal Preference

This is a ground rule, no matter which rug design you choose. Think about the overall style of your home, your personal preference and the theme of your interior before zeroing on the rug. If the rug is the first element you are choosing then select a rug that has the versatility and ability to tie up other elements together. Think about the flooring, color story, existing furniture and other elements if any before choosing any rug to grace your floor.

After you have taken into consideration all the aforementioned things, think about your own personal style- do you like neutral or bolds, subtle or vibrant? Do you like to add patterns or print? You want a plush and luxurious material or want something easy breezy? Are you inclined for something vintage or totally contemporary? When you have answers to these questions then it will be very easy to browse magnolia home rugs online and find the perfect Magnolia home rug for your space. Consider placing the Karastan Ashara Agra rug if you love vibrant vintage rugs or Kivi Ivory Ink rug if you have a more refined taste.

2. Choose rugs that Define Areas of Your Home

Rugs play a major role in defining areas within a room especially if the room is big or too small like a condo or studio apartment. Rugs, when placed in the living rooms, help define the conversation area, in the dining room it helps accentuate the table and chairs, in the bedroom it makes the bed the focal point and in the kitchen area it helps keep the sink area clean.

For different areas of the home there are different sizes of rugs needed. Like for a living room rug the standard size is 5’x 8’, 8’x 10’, 9’x12’ or 11’x 14’. For a dining room it’s either 8’x10’ or 9’x 12’. For bedrooms the rug can be placed under the bed and should show 36’ around the bed or you can also place two similar rugs on either side or one big rug in front of the bed. For kitchen and bathrooms, consider placing a small round or rectangular rug in front of the sink. You can choose something like a Janey Indigo Multi Rug for the living room, Janey Garnet Multi rug for the dining room, Grahan Blue multi rug for the bedroom and Crew black Natural rug for kitchen or bathrooms.

3. Think about your Lifestyle, Habits and Routine

In order to get the most life out of your rug and retain the beauty of it for a greater period of time, make sure you consider your lifestyle, habits and routine before making the decision. Some people use their living room for only formal purposes, like when guests come and others practically live in their living rooms, they eat, sleep and lounge there all day long. So, if you are from the former category or the later one, Magnolia rugs have you sorted and wholesale rugs Springfield has a vast range to choose from.

Areas of the home like kitchen, corridors, entryways and mudroom that have high foot traffic need to be graced with rugs for sale that are sustainable, durable and sturdy. The pile of the rugs used in these areas must be at least ¼ inch thick. The colors of the rugs must also be darker as light-colored rugs won’t survive long and will eventually lose their grace. For rooms like the bedroom or the living room, choose a rug that has a pile higher than ¼ inches, as it will look plush and luxurious. It will also make these rooms appear warm, cozy and very stylish.

For a more formal and crisp looking room you can consider Graham Coral Navy rug, Deven Bordeaux Multi rug, Lotus Black silver rug, Lucca Rust Ivory rug or Lenna Rust Charcoal rug. But for a more informal and casual vibe you can choose something like Hayes Sand Natural rug, Hayes silver stone rug, Lenna Natural Denim rug, Kennedy Denim rug, Myra White Natural rug, Deven Frost rug, Deven Neutral Multi rug, Everly Indigo rug or Newton Charcoal Ivory rug.

Takeaway Points

Magnolia rugs have been the top choice of many interior designers for many years now. The reason for the success of this line is that it caters every taste, style and budget. So don’t miss out on this amazing collection and shop now.


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