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9 Things You Need To Know About The State Of Media Buying

Regardless of which kind of business you conduct, there will always be competition. But how do you qualify to be unique from the rest of your competitors? You can plan to implement your marketing campaign through media planning.

Media planning involves purchasing ad space and time on digital and offline platforms such as websites, YouTube, Radio, and TV. In the past, media buying was not as complicated as today as there are various actors in the game. And even with the many benefits of media buying, not all media buyers has their best interest at heart. To avoid such cases, it would be wise to know all about media buying.

1. Optimize your media buying

You should always optimize your media buying agency to get better ad performance. For instance, ensure that the agency shifts frequency, changes bid sizes, and blocks any domains. Additionally, ensure that your campaign, either branding or performance, is set to the right parameters.

2. Build your media in mind

You should know where a campaign will be served to have contextual info that will enhance creatives. Do not overlook how media buying combines with ad creation. But you can rather do this after a display campaign has been created instead of

3. Ensure brand safety

You don't want your brand to be exposed to inappropriate content. Therefore, ensure you put safety a top priority to don't damage your brand's reputation. Damage includes an ad aired next to, before, or within an unsafe environment. Consider the environment of media buying before making any deal so as it can do its job properly.

4. Trust must come from the heart.

Because of the large amounts of money involved in media buying, you may need faith in the supply chain. Don't avoid ad tech firms that place barriers and agencies that are not open. Additionally, ensure you don't deal with middlemen and take the media buying directly.

5. Control media buying in-house

When you move media buying in-house, you will be providing better budgetary control, and even your group will have a greater start. Moving buying in-house is the current transformation as it's proving a great end product.

6. Transparency will kill "black boxes."

Media buying agencies that had earlier been saying one thing and doing another no longer have that chance. Corrupt intermediaries between the publishers and the clients are being eliminated to ensure transparency. Hence, if you employ a media buying service, you will see where your money will now be going.

7. Avoid fraud

With the help of automated programmatic advertising, brands can miss seeing where their ads will be at. Because of this, ad fraud can occur. But you will occur this issue if you pay less since the quality of your ad will be low. Additionally, you can avoid other kinds of fraud if you take a keen look at your agency.

8. Measurement has to/will improve.

You may find advertisers showing a good number of viewers, but when looked at carefully, it's not accurate. This can cause confusion which leads to ad fraud and brand issues. But there is a new way of measuring, which is through third-party measurement.

9. The future will be better.

Media buying will change for the better in the coming years. Forces are working towards ensuring transparency in this industry and introducing new solutions to other issues.

You must be realistic when you decide to spend on media buying. Hence if you see an agency offering a fee that is too good to be true, it's probably not transparent. Therefore, choose carefully who you want to work with.


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