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What Are Proxies?

A proxy is an intermediate computer system that works as a go-between for two other systems. When someone uses a proxy server to hide their location, proxy servers act as the proxy and disguise the person's real IP address. They work as a proxy to make it seem like they are connecting from another location (like the United States) when they're connecting from India, where Internet content filters are on.

There are many different types of proxy servers which each serve different purposes. The most common type of proxy server associated with anonymity is known as a reverse proxy. A reverse proxy passes through traffic and then forwards them back to another destination, unlike a normal proxy where traffic flows in both directions types of proxy servers including reverse proxies and forward proxies.

The proxy network was first introduced to anonymize web proxy traffic. The use of proxy networks provides proxy support for both HTTP and SOCKS proxy servers because it acts as a proxy client on the user's machine, making requests to forward proxy servers that are part of the proxy network.

"Proxies provide an easy way to mask your identity online."

Another way to think of proxies is as a middle man for the opening information passed online. When you use a proxy server, the proxy server is the one that makes contact with the desired website and then delivers that information back to your computer. Proxies work because they intercept requests for files and forward them to other destinations while keeping personal/browsing data safe.

Proxy networks work by using proxy servers within their proxy network and routing user traffic through proxy servers in their proxy network before connecting to a destination IP address. The proxy network only allows users who have completed an authentication process to access their proxy network. The type of authentication performed varies depending on which proxy network is used; however, most proxy networks require users to enter a username and password or provide some sort of voucher (such as an authenticator token) when they wish to enter the proxy network.

A proxy server as proxy networks work is a proxy that can be used to access other proxies and proxy networks. The proxy itself usually only stores the information needed to create sessions and deliver requests from its own network, but it also provides this data to proxy networks which use it to provide proxy list and proxy chain services for their members and users.


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