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We are flooded with an ever-increasing number of products with (") and () as industries strive to obtain a legal monopoly on their unique innovations through mark registration. But what are the meanings of these symbols?
We'll go beyond the well-known symbols and look at the different forms of trademarks for both products and non-products, as well as the protection they provide and some terms that are prohibited. Here is a comprehensive list of general and specific types of trademarks for your convenience:
General Types of Trademarks:
▪ Generic Mark
▪ Suggestive Mark
▪ Descriptive Mark
▪ Arbitrary Mark
▪ Fanciful Mark
Specific Types of Trademarks:
▪ Service Mark
▪ Certification Mark
▪ Collective Mark
▪ Trade Dress
▪ Trade Name
▪ House Mark
▪ Family of Marks
▪ Sound Mark
▪ Pattern Mark
▪ Position Mark
▪ Hologram Mark
▪ Multimedia Mark
▪ Motion Mark
▪ Logotype
To determine the best appropriate protection for a product, it is necessary to distinguish between different forms of trademarks. Failure to do so could result in not just lawsuits but also the cancellation of your trademark registration, both of which would cost you a lot of money. As a result, getting expert guidance is a wise investment.
Household names are responsible for the popularity of the trademark symbol (") and its other iteration (). Every brand, particularly multinational firms, has its trademarks affixed to every consumer goods or service on the market. As a result, it's acceptable to assume that trademarks have covered the same territory as worldwide brands.
Product trademarks are classified into five categories. These marks could be a Generic Mark, Descriptive Mark, Suggestive Mark, Fanciful Mark, or Arbitrary Mark in general. The USPTO classifies trademarks principally according to the nature of the goods in relation to the mark in question.
International Intellectual Property agreements also support more specialized trademarks to ensure and defend the distinctiveness of registered trademarks.
Classifying the different types of marks for a specific product makes it easier to decide which one to use in other cases. Trademark search is handy for avoiding costly errors. However, in addition to preventing potential financial losses, the classifications also show the amount of protection. The following parts go over the different types of trademarks and how they differ in terms of protection.
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TYPES OF TRADEMARK, Generic Mark, Descriptive Mark, Suggestive Mark, Arbitrary Mark, Pattern Mark


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