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3 Interesting Facts About Eyelash Extensions

From the beginning of mankind, women love attention from others. For this purpose, they love to organize their appearance as best as possible. You would be surprised to know that beautiful eyes attract most men. Due to this reason, there are different types of eye makeup are available in the market.

Currently, eyelash extensions have become a popular fashion trend in society. However, many women don’t know that what eyelash extension is. Here are a few facts that will give you a good understanding of eyelash extensions. So, you can decide whether the artificial eye lash is for you or not.

1) No Pain Procedure

Contrary to popular myth, the procedure of eyelash extensions does not cause any pain. An expert beautician carefully attaches every single eyelash strand to the skin with glue. This glue is strong, but it is also non-allergic to the skin. As a result, you won’t experience any discomfort after eyelash extensions.

Eyelash extensions are like any other makeup and you won’t experience any pain with it. The eyelash extensions procedure takes nearly 90 minutes. It makes your eyes very beautiful with thick eyelashes. These days, most models & celebrities do eyelash extensions to improve their look.

2) Taking Care Of Eyelash Extensions

Although it is true indeed that water is the number one enemy of eyelash extensions, it doesn’t mean that you cannot swim or take bath with eyelash extensions. The first thing you need to do after doing eyelash extensions is to wait for a few hours and let the glue bond strongly with the skin.

The glue generally takes around 8 to 12 hours to make the bond strong between skin & artificial eyelashes. Hence, you need to keep moisture away till artificial eyelashes stick to your skin well. You would be happy to know that lash extensions Remuera last for nearly 50 to 60 days time.

3) Different Varieties Of Eyelash Extensions

Everyone’s face is not the same. Similarly, everyone’s taste in fashion is also different. You would be happy to know that there are different types of eyelash extensions are available for different people. Hence, you can pick the right type of eyelash extensions, which will improve your look.

If you want an exotic look on your eyes, then it is better to pick long eyelashes. On the other hand, you can pick short eyelashes to enhance your natural beauty. There are a variety of eyelashes are available that can increase your attractiveness.

Most people think that eyelash extension is an expensive proposition and stay away from it. However, eyelash extensions Remuera do this job inexpensively. Although they take small fees than other paces, you will get the best eyelash extensions here. Their eyelash extensions will also last a long time if you follow their recommendations.

Modern eyelashes look very natural and these eyelashes remain attached to the skin for a long time. Currently, beauticians are choosing the best glue for this task. These glues are made with lots of development & research. Hence, you won’t get any bad reaction from eyelash extensions.

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