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Want to Invest in Film Production?

The Film industry is one of the most revenue-generating industries because of its creative approach and excellent investment opportunity. But, in the present, investors get most of the share investing making it difficult for new investors.
MovieBiz Coin aims to disrupt this model by utilizing blockchain technology and creating a lucrative platform where any investor can invest in movies. MovieBiz Coin is a decentralized movie platform that offers lucrative investment opportunities to investors and uses the investments for crowdfunding of the movies by independent filmmakers.

Before we proceed with revolution cinema by Movie Biz Coin. Let us discuss what is the current state of our entertainment companies.
Even if your film idea is mindblowing and captivating but you are not able to pitch the investor just because you are not able to sell it to him. Everything goes in vain. Filmmakers must be a salesman to achieve and gain the trust of the investor. He needs extreme convincing skills to do so because in most cases a filmmaker can not guarantee a return on the investment leaving it to the investor to take risks.
The secondary is even if you manage to pitch an Investor. You are most of the time working on a shoestring budget. As many products get lucky when they raise their proposed budget, there is usually nothing left when you reach the end of the product. Unlike Hollywood films where you can rely on additional sponsorship from the sale of distribution rights, marketing, product placement or even having a wing on the wing that gives you bridge support in the event of cost overruns, indie filmmakers do not have those options.

On the other hand, if we see the situation of production houses who have been in business for long. They are profiting immensely from their filmmaking business. How?

Let us understand the flow of cash into this system.
Well, pandemic or not there seems to be a topic that pops up every couple of years ever since the dawn of television. Since then people have been predicting the death of movie theatres with home video releases, streaming, with the advancements of home television. People are always worried that eventually people are gonna start growing out, cinemas will close and that will be the death of movie theatres. '

And yet through the years, this has never really happened. while industries have been hit because of this it seems to only ever impact it on the middle class or the films with budgets between 20 and 60 million dollars.

The cinemas will never really go away, and it never will be pandemic or not. Because their importance in the film industry is less to do with returning profits but more to do with marketing and creating marketplace relevance for future channels of distribution.

Let us take an example, say a movie costs 100 million to make and 65 million on the marketing of that film. Let's say our movie went on and made 500 million dollars domestically at the box office. The theatre is going to keep 50% of that so we are left with 250 million dollars. After that the distribution company is going to take their cut of the profits which is 25% and excluding the marketing cost we are left with 138 million dollars. Now we are gonna subtract the cost of production 100 million. Now we have 38 million left.
And a lot of times movies will have back endpoints going to directors, producers, actors. Let's cut that out at 10 million.
Now the studio is left with 28 million.
If this is the reality according to the box office. Why are studios still getting everything on the line? Why are investors still investing in this?

The answer is the output deals and licensing agreements. These are the agreements made with the TV companies and streaming platforms, who agree to purchase the licence of the entire film every year. This is what allows studios to remain in business.
So if this is the case, the box office and theatrical releases are so ample and studious that they can't even rely on box office revenue. What's the point of releasing a movie in the cinema?
The answer is creating relevance. It is the reason why we see such shallow numbers when it comes to what these films cost and what they earned.
if a movie can brag about being no. 1 or making back its budget on its opening people pay attention to that and it adds value. When these occur, newspapers love to report about it.

So, the Box Office numbers are showing a red, it does not mean that a movie is also financially red.
The whole purpose of Box Office is as a marketing tool.

Now you know how profitable movies actually can be. Now, how can you invest in the film industry?

MovieBiz Coin is issuing cryptographic tokens to raise funds for the platform to finance projects in the entertainment industry. Each token will benefit from asset growth backward, considered a Cryptocurrency update to crowdfunding.
The owners of MovieBiz Coin will be able to deposit their coins to be invested in various Movie projects and will benefit from excellent APY-based projects.

Creating multiple platforms that will work on MovieBiz Coin is also part of the utilisation of our Coins. MovieBiz Coin is starting a revolution in the Movie industry.
For all those Independent Filmmakers trying to get funding for their movie projects, we are launching a platform in which their projects will be whitelisted and presented on Moviebiz. funds
Then their projects are presented in front of our MovieBiz Coin holders who will invest in their projects making the daunting task of getting your ideas funded a lot easier.
Using Blockchain Technology we are providing a platform for transparent movie investment to producers, Filmmakers, Directors, and people.
Moviebiz coin holders will be able to stake their coins to be invested in different Movie Projects and will earn handsome APU's based on projects.

MovieBiz Coin will fulfil its mission of creating inspiring films and, equally, activities that will grow in the industry.


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