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Documentary Film on Stray Animal

The Tails of BooBoo and CuddlyPoo is quirky documentary that encapsulates the plight and life journey of stray animals that reside on the streets of India. The documentary is directed by Salil Jason Fernandez who is himself an avid animal-lover and contributor towards animal welfare.

Salil said in an interview that the plight of stray animals and animals in general is something that is often overlooked and neglected. Every year a huge number of stray animals suffer and face issues such as abandonment, starvation, physical abuse from inconsiderate people, and other forms of cruelty. The documentary is the first to dive right into these issues and expose the horrors of what hardships these animals, which are also living beings like us humans have to counter on a frequent basis. The main aim to fulfil in this case is that animals too deserve a fair deal !

Negativities aside, it also emphasis on things such as rescues, adoptions and documents the contributions of celebrities, feeders, vets, and of course the various NGOs which work tirelessly on a daily basis and give their all towards giving the animals a better and happier life.

During the lockdown last year, Salil spent plenty of his time out in the neighbourhood looking into the needs of the stray dogs and cats in the area and also started feeding them to ensure they don’t starve and remain healthy. This noble work was however criticised by a few ill-informed people who felt that dogs and cats too could spread Covid-19 and others who unnecessarily complained about the animals gathering in the area and dirtying it when no such thing ever happened. He went on to say that stray animals too have a right on the land and do not deserve to be treated harshly or man handled.

The documentary is all set to release in 2022 and will hopefully be an eye-opener for all and bring about the biggest change with respect to the way the public looks at and treats stray animals. Fingers crossed ! I mean paws and tails 😊


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