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What is a Dedicated Server? - IT4INT Pvt Ltd

A dedicated server is a type of remote server that is committed to a corporation or application. Dedicated servers cost more than shared hosting plans and are ideally hosted and managed by a hosting service provider (such as IT4INT), or a managed cloud service provider (CSP). A dedicated server is restricted and is not shared with any other client website, service or application, so it costs more. Digital Infra Company, dedicated server pricing includes all the resources that a website needs to run optimally. Overall, higher dedicated server costs will equate to higher prices, better performance, and stronger security than shared hosting solutions.

Although powerful, dedicated server purchase costs are higher than other types of servers. A dedicated server can be a single system in a linked network that is reserved to serve the needs of a single client. Under the dedicated Internet hosting model, the associated dedicated server is often a rental service in which customers technically rent related servers, computing resources, and a web connection from an online hosting service provider.

Buy Dedicated Server Hosting Plans & Pricing

Check out our brand new dedicated server plans and get the best dedicated server prices in India. We offer dedicated hosting plans customized for different business needs. Our flexible hosting plans offer businesses great cost-effectiveness while providing maximum value. Dedicated VPS is well suited for businesses with extreme traffic spikes and security needs. It offers many benefits, including flexibility, tailor-made solutions, and lightning-quick response times. It4int lowers your dedicated server costs by offering incredible value and unmatched services.

Customers will be helped with server control with our dedicated server hosting with cPanel's easy-to-manage service. We additionally offer a collection of Managed Hosting and Cloud Servers Hosting to our customers, which help in providing the best user experience.

Benefits of Web Server -
1. Round-the-clock support
2. Customized server settings in compliance with your requirements
3. Hassle-free installation and deployment
4. Easy to manage applications
5. Multiple tier 3 data center
6. 99.95% uptime guarantee
7. Original hardware components from Dell, Intel and HP which combine technical innovation.


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