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Top 8 Free Online Courses on Sales

Taking into account the volatilities of the business climate and the cutthroat competition to stay afloat in today's overcrowded market, sales is one area that organizations cannot afford to neglect. A potent sales team not only contributes to the generation of revenues to an exponential extent but also widens the consumer base through effective communication techniques to foster trust and bridge gaps, as and when necessary.

However, whether it comes to optimizing user experience or furthering business growth, the art of conducting sales requires considerable skills and proficiency, along with updated knowledge about the ever-transforming working functionalities of a dynamic global market. As a business professional, if you are striving to enhance your acumen in terms of conducting sales effectively and strategically, the remedy lies in opting for learning courses with credible content.

Formulated with the objective of arming you, with just the flexibility and the knowledgeability that a successful career in sales warrants, these courses are available absolutely free of cost and can be accessed online right from the comfort of your home.

In order to help you get started on your learning journey without the slightest delay, here is a list of 8 free online courses on sales, compiled especially for you to go ahead and make a pick that will prove to be beneficial for you, in more ways than one.

1. Sales Training: Building Your Sales Career

The key to ensuring that you succeed in your career as a sales professional is to opt for the right free online courses on sales such as this one on Programs.Online that helps you acquire a strong grasp of the foundational basics. Not only will this program provide you with an insight into the technical expertise required to understand your customers but also enhance your professional credibility by providing you certification upon the completion of this course.

2. Sales Training: Techniques for a Human-Centric Sales Process

The credibility of an efficient sales professional lies in creating people-to-people contact so as to establish a loyal customer base centered around trust, an aspect that this program precisely addresses. Whether it comes to providing you with the right apparatus for strategic negotiation or influencing the decision-making of buyers, this all-encompassing program is one option among the free online courses on sales that you must consider.

3. Creating Powerful Sales Proposals

The saleability of your business is profoundly determined by the kind of business proposals that you curate so as to attract the right target audience. This is one of the free online courses on sales that will acquaint you with the art of taking into account diverse factors and formulating the most irresistible offers that will appeal to one and all, in every way.

4. Build a Sales Strategy for Your Freelance Business

With new, independent ventures emerging every day, a specific sales strategy suited for freelance enterprises is the absolute need of the hour, a fact that this particular program by Google delves into, in detail. Along with imparting you just the appropriate techniques to maximize your sales, this is one of the free online courses on sales that also arms you with the ability to deal with other interrelated factors as designing an offer, deciding on a credible price, and so on and so forth, each of which enhances the saleability of your product or services, as a whole.

5. Successful Negotiation: Essential Strategies and Skills

As an individual seeking to pursue a career in sales, the ability to skillfully negotiate is perhaps the most crucial asset that you should be investing in, above all else. Among the free online courses on sales available online, this is one option on Coursera, provided by the University of Michigan which prepares you to pertinently interact and engage, employ key methods, and close deals, each of which is bound to augment your skills as a sales professional, more so than ever before.

6. Sales Enablement & Analytics

If you are looking for courses that will specifically allow you to ameliorate your acumen as a leader in a sales position, this is one option on edX that you definitely must check out. The fact that this course does not merely acquaint you with effective techniques of conducting sales but also provides you with the exact apparatus to analyze and utilize data to reap the most optimum outcomes, in terms of sales, is what sets it apart from the rest, making it an ideal option to feature among your top picks of free online courses on sales.

7. 12 Lead Generational Strategies - Used by Sales Experts

Succeeding in sales is all about unraveling effective situation-specific techniques and implementing them accordingly, as and when needed. This course, on Udemy, will not only equip you with sales best practices that have proven beneficial in crucial junctures but also help you combat challenges that might come in the way of concluding sales, thereby, helping you maximize your potential as a sales professional.

8. Fundamentals of Sales Management

If you are looking for an introductory course that will help you master the core principles of sales, right from the rudimentary basics to its associated domains, this is one option among free online courses on sales that you must check out on Alison before making your final pick. Even as you unearth the functionalities and the potential warranted from an executive sales professional, this course will also acquaint you with the emerging market trends and the transforming climate of the business realm across the globe to help you fulfill your responsibilities better than ever before.

A career in sales requires an all-around perspective of diverse, interrelated factors and an updated knowledge about the volatilities of the altering reality across the globe to deliver the most optimal outcomes. Opting for these free online courses on sales, available online will help you unearth the multifaceted factors that determine the outcomes of a sale, thereby, aiding in formulating such potent strategies that are sure to succeed.


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