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Tips and Suggestions for Riders’ Safety on Blind Turns

Speed, carelessness, and blind spots are the deadliest combination for any rider. Therefore, it is a must for every rider to know and be careful about it. Technically, vehicle blind spots are the blot out areas that are larger than what one can assume. Most of these areas cannot be seen in the rearview mirror or the direct mirror. Also, there are a few design elements in vehicle designs (A-pillar, B-pillar, windscreen frames, windows, headrests) that affect the area of blind spots. In 2011, a study conducted by RACV found that vehicle driver were unable to see a cyclist or a pedestrian at a closer distance of 9 metres and a vehicle at a short distance of 20 metres because of the blind spot created by vehicle design.

So, it doesn’t matter if you are riding the New Birdy Standard 9 Speed or a hunky motorbike, you need to be well aware of the blind spots. Here is a list of the most important dos and don’ts that may clarify things a little more:

● The right-hand blind spots are precarious for overtaking, so, the rider must know that if they overtake from the right side the driver may not be able to see them and vice versa.

● As a cyclist, you should be aware of the size difference and make sure you don’t screw up your safety while enjoying the freedom of moving between vehicles and from narrow lanes between big vehicles. Never ever move into the space that is right in front of the truck. The blind spot under the truck’s windscreen is often more than 2 metres and it can easily hide you from the driver’s notice.

● The biggest risk lies with the left-hand blind spot, especially for bike riders. Whenever a vehicle starts turning it usually leaves an ample of the alley on its inner side but the same alley closes when the same vehicle makes a tight cut to the curb. Side mirrors aren’t very useful in this situation. So, always avoid using any such alley.

● As a bike rider, you should always assume that the driver hasn’t seen you and make sure you never pull up from the left side of any large-sized vehicle. Also, make sure you maintain a safe distance from a turning large-sized vehicle and if a large-sized vehicle is turning right in front of you make sure you escape by finding the closest safe point.

● The drivers must check the blind spot by turning their heads before merging or turning. Safety is as much your responsibility as it is of small vehicles and bike riders. Also, as a big vehicle rider, you must always be slow at turns and try to stop if necessary.


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