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8 Point Strategy to Improve your JEE Main Score

IIT-JEE Mains is one of the toughest entrance exams that India has to offer. To crack this exam, you need to develop the strategies and hone your skills well in advance. Only then, can you can excel in your goals of making it to the portals of what is considered the pinnacle of engineering exams in India. You can improve your JEE Mains score in 2022 by following these strategies.

The 8 strategies

1. Make sure your JEE Main syllabus is complete
Keep the syllabus copy beside you and start rechecking whether all the topics from the syllabus copy is covered or not. This is the foremost and most important step in boosting one’s marks.
2. Analyse the JEE Main test paper
Revaluation of the previous performance is extremely important. Make sure that you analyse all the previously performed test papers, so that you are aware of which topics you should work on. This will provide you the clarity on what is to be worked on and what needs to be improved.
3. What went wrong – Speed or Accuracy?
Practice mock tests so that you can be aware of the time management factor. The key it to this is to arrive at the amount of time required to solve each question and how accurately you can solve the problem. With this practice, one can be sure of improving the performance.
4. Identify your weak topics
Firstly, be clear on all the topics you prepared for the test. After evaluating previous performance, look at the topics where you did not perform well. That’s where all your focus should be assigned.
5. Master the Concepts and ways to solve the Problems
Find the best ways of solving problems. Instead of memorizing problems, understand the concepts in a better way. One should understand that Math and Physics are interrelated to each other and solve the problems accordingly by keeping these criteria in mind.
6. Continue Practicing
Don’t feel demotivated by your previous test performances. Always keep yourself motivated and never pause on revising and practicing. Because, “Practice is a key to success”.
7. Solve previous years JEE Main papers (Do it again)
Solve previous year question papers to have good understanding of the formulas and concepts you have learnt. To brush up your preparations, you should always solve and practice the previous year test papers.
8. Improve your exam temperament
When the paper arrives on your desk, do you feel nervous or start shivering? This is one of the common reasons why your performance often dips. Never feelanxious, take deep breath, meditate for a few seconds that will help you stay relaxed and then go through the paper calmly.
If you follow the 8 strategies mentioned above, they are good enough to help improve your score in the online courses for IIT JEE Mains exam.

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