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At Jump Rx, our goal is to help you find affordable prices for your medications. We have partnered with one of the leading Canada pharmacy intermediaries Yes you can imagine drug prices at a reasonable price again. Through our strategic partnership with you can gain access to a network of Canadian pharmacies online along with International pharmacy options. Search the drug database of over 5000 medications including Canada drugs and many popular brand name and generic versions. We understand the high cost of prescription drugs makes it financially challenging for some consumers. Follow our easy simple steps on the how to order page and begin saving 40% to 90%. If you need assistance, one of the client service reps can assist your enquiry by email or over the telephone. First begin by obtaining a price quote for your medications. Find your medication by using the search feature below.

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Want to Order Zonisep from a Canada Pharmacy

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We recommend consumers choose of of Canada's leading pharmacy brokers - The company has been around for over 10 years and has exceptional client services, excellent prices, and a massive selections of brand name and generic medications. As one of the leading Canadian pharmacy Intermediaries, the company has been leading the way helping everyday customer save big on prescription drugs. now celebrates its 14th+ Year in Business and looks forward with helping you with all your health medication needs.

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Can Canadian Pharmacies Online Produce Savings?

You bet they can! A 1999 US Consumer Reports survey showed that buyers could save 29% percent by ordering from a Canada pharmacy. Also this is a 1999 study, the savings still apply. The great news is the savings are much more when consumers purchase generic medications vs. brand name medications. Through International Generic Programs, cost savings between 40% to 90% can be realized. For you to see the price difference among different online pharmacy providers, search for the medication in the database. After you find your drug, click on "CLICK TO GET QUOTE' button. Your search will redirect your to the price search tool where you can view the different pricing options available. Do some comparision shopping to obtain the best quote that meets your financial budget.

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You can contact our partner at toll free number 866-799-3435. Please Quote Discount Code 6500 in order to receive special web pricing. The business hours are Monday to Friday from 9:00am to 5:00pm Eastern Standard Time. If you prefer the option for live chat or Skype, the website will offer these features.

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