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Mt Kailash Tour – A Journey to One Of The Holiest Places In The World

Placed far west corner of the Tibet is the holisest summit of Asia – Mount Kailash. The splendor of the 6638m high summit, that resembles a symmetrical cone-shaped rocked topped by unadulterated crystalline every time, is echoed in diverse mythological & fictional works. The enclosing encompasses the splendid Manasarovar Lakes and the humongous Gurla Mandata which ends at 7728m high.

With its 4 massive walls, unique snow-topped summit, and gorges scattered with vividly-clad Tibetan pilgrims, Mt Kailash tour should be on the top of your travel list. Four well-known rivers of Asia: the Indus, the Karnali, the Brahmaputra and the Sutlej sources from here. Ruling the north of the Himalayan Barrier with its exceptional sights, the Mt Kailash is equally respected as the holiest pilgrimage site by Buddhists, Hindus, and Jains.

Jains respect this mountain as a holy site where their spiritualist, Rishaba acquired spiritual education while originator of Bon religion, Tonpa Shenrab, is said to have come down from Heaven. For Hindu religion, Mount Kailash is the holiest home of God Shiva. Hindus consider Mt Kailash as an eternal heaven & the center of soul & spirituality. Budhist consider this mountain to be the resting place of Buddha and the place where the threatening battle between Milarepa & Naro Bonchung occured.

Each year, millions of pilgrims come to Mt Kailash pursuing an age-old tradition. Strolling around the summit is believed to bring good luck to the devotees. The trail around the summit covers a distance fifty-two kilometers and it’s assumed that finishing this trek inside a day will make this sacred ritual more productive. Hindus call the circumambulation as "Parikrama" & Tibetans as "Kora". It’s said that a single Kora cleans the sins of lifetime whereas 108 koras will offer you Nirvana.

A 3-day trek (Parikrama or Kora) around Mt Kailash over a 5630 meter Drolma La (pass), clockwise for Buddhists & Hindus, and anti-clockwise followers of the ancient Bon religion, is beleived to erase the sins of a lifetime. To accomplish the Kailash pilgrimage one must bath in the holy Lake Manasarovar, wonderfully set on the Tibetan plateau enclosed by the grand Gurla Mandata.

The lake Manasarovar lies approximately 20km southewast of Mount Kailash and means "Invincible Jade Lake" in Tibetan. The name derives from a story that Buddhism wins a victory against Bon in a religious match nearby lake. It is laced at 4.588m high and is considered as one of the most limpid & bright lake in the planet.

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