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Natural Ways To Get Glowing Skin And Reduce Dark Spots Safely

Exposure to harsh chemicals or radiations (sun rays), medical conditions (e.g. jaundice), concentration of dark areas on face, cirrhosis, bluish skin, dark patches due to endocrine imbalance or infections are some conditions which can cause dark spots on skin. Discoloration can happen from pink to dark colors. The building up of collagen and the degeneration of skin tissues can cause scar like hard tissues and the skin may appear bumpy and itchy. Some people suffer from hyper pigmentation where the melanin is produced in excess and the skin remains discolored for years.

Some loose the skin layers due to ruptured acne or infections. Some women suffer from the problem of chloasma and melasma, typically known as ‘mask of pregnancy’, and this causes brown and dark patches on the cheeks and forehead. The condition happens due to change in the level of estrogen during pregnancy. The top layer of skin is super thin structure and damage to the structure can cause various skin conditions. To reduce dark spots, exposure to harsh radiations and direct sunlight, dry chilly air and pollutants should be avoided.

Skin is shed every 27 days and the composition of the layers of skin provides cushioned waterproof protection to the inner body parts. The skin layer is waterproof due to the presence of fibrous skin tissue system, keratin, lipids and proteins. This layer can get damaged when the layer is dehydrated or is exposed to excess heat and dry condition. This can be prevented by adopting natural ways to get glowing skin as provided by the face mask and exfoliator e.g. Chandra Prabha ubtan. Basically, the bottom of the epidermis creates the new skin - which travels to the top and comes out as flakes. The use of herbal face pack can provide natural ingredients to the skin layers to nourish the structure and prevent infections.

Skin layers have the function to regulate temperature, prevent dehydration and excrete waste through the pores. If the waste material is blocked it can cause infections. The layers have sensory receptors which can detect pressure, sensation and pain. The skin layers provide defense against microbes, bacteria, and virus and if it is damaged, it can be revived by adopting natural ways to get glowing skin, which can reduce dark spots and get back the natural moisture content.

The top layer of the skin does not contain blood vessels and it contains melanocytes that give dark pigmentation. The immune system of the body provides protection from dangers in environment. Skin provides the initial line of defense to the body parts and the layers of the skin can be nourished by taking natural nutrients as provided by the herbal cure - Chandra Prabha ubtan. Use of chemicals damage the layers and reduce its property to produce cells from nutrients but the natural nourishment provided by the face pack enriches the tissues by enhancing absorption of phyto compounds into the inner layer. The bio compounds in natural ways to get glowing skin restore the fat, water, glucose, minerals and vitamin levels in the skin system to reduce dark spots to get back natural glow.


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