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Retrieve Lost Digital Data with Active@ File Recovery

Our digital assets have become some of the most important things we own, even if they might not concern tangible objects. From treasured family photos to important files for work to multimedia collections that we've built up over the years, our digital files are undoubtedly important to most of us. As such, keeping data safe has become the concern of the century. However, while keeping important data safely backed up is just common sense, there is no such thing as a completely fool-proof backup solution. After all, data loss is often beyond the user's control anyway. Fortunately, it is now possible to retrieve deleted or damaged data in most cases, particularly if you address the problem sooner rather than later. This is where Active@ File Recovery comes in.

How Data Recovery Works

Most people assume that, when they empty the Recycle Bin or format a storage device, the data within is gone for good. However, that is not the way modern file systems work. Instead, the disk space that was previously occupied by the data is marked by the file system as available to other data writing operations. However, until that happens, the data remains on the disk intact. In other words, the original file needs to be overwritten, sometimes more than once, for it to become completely unrecoverable. As such, you'll always have a window of opportunity during which you can recover your lost data. However, to increase your chances, it is better to attempt recovery as soon as you notice that the data you want is missing. Sometimes, data may be recovered months after deletion.

Advanced Features for Everyone

Active@ File Recovery is more than yet another file recovery program. It is the product of many years of development and refinement, taking advantage of only the latest and most reliable technologies to get the job done. It also provides a wealth of advanced features that are nonetheless very easy to use even for complete novices. For example, you can use file signatures to search for files of a specific type. The latest edition adds many more pre-defined signatures as well as support for the latest file systems for Microsoft and Linux - ReFS and JFS respectively. Additionally, thanks to the redesigned user interface, Active@ File Recovery is easier to use than ever.

Extreme Performance

Many competing products take an extremely long time to scan your computer for potentially recoverable files. However, Active@ File Recovery version 16 provides numerous refinements to its algorithms, making it more efficient than ever. There have also been major improvements in its support for the XFS and Ext4 file systems used by Apple and Linux respectively. At the same time, the SuperScan tool is faster than ever while also leaving a smaller footprint on your system. Other features new to version 16 include the ability to recover fragmented files by signatures and improved security based on software registration and activation. You can learn more by visiting and trying the free demo to see which files can be recovered.


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