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Get Deleted Data Back Fast with Active@ File Recovery

Digital data is one of the most important and valuable commodities of our time, even if it might not concern a tangible object. Whether it comes in the form of a treasured family photo album, a critical document for work or study or just a collection of miscellaneous files that's been building up over the years, our digital data has become a key part of modern life. That's why taking every possible measure to protect it is also necessary. While keeping your files safely backed up externally is just a matter of common sense, there will always be the risk of something going wrong, and that's why you might on occasion need to turn to data recovery software. With Active@ File Recovery on your side, there will be something else you can try to get your data back intact.

How Does Data Recovery Work?

It's easy to assume that emptying the recycle bin or formatting a storage device is final. After all, Windows and other operating systems do make a point of warning you before carrying out such a task. What most people do not realize, however, is that this process doesn't really delete anything other than the entry in the file table database. In other words, the file itself remains completely intact until something else overwrites it. This can happen any time but, until it does, the data will remain on the drive until something else overwrites it, and that can take any length of time. However, to improve your chances of a successful recovery operation, it's also of paramount importance to attempt data-recovery as early as you can to reduce the risk of permanently overwriting the deleted data.

Active@ File Recovery works by exploiting this opportunity in a way that simply isn't possible using manual methods or the controls providing by your operating system. Providing advanced features yet easy usability for everyone, it works with a wide range of file systems and may be started from its own bootable disk. This is particularly useful if you're trying to recover data from your system hard drive, which might be modified and overwritten if you keep starting up the operating system. You will also have a wealth of powerful features at your disposal, such as the ability to search for files of specific types, and the latest edition supports a constantly increasing set of file signatures. Furthermore, Active@ File Recovery couldn't be easier to use either, thanks to its simple, wizard-driven interface and support for multiple filesystems.

What's New in Version 17?

LSoft is constantly improving its industry-leading data utility software. To that end, the latest version includes more predefined file signatures, support for the latest versions of the Microsoft ReFS file system and a multitude of improvements for data recovery from other file systems, damaged drives and dynamic virtual disk arrays. The scripting engine, designed for advanced users to define custom file signatures, has also been improved. To find out more, pay a visit to, and make your file-recovery woes a thing of the past.


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