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How To Go About Your Morocco Tour – Few Tips To Consider ?

Moroccans are notably hospitable & love demonstrating tourists their country. You will meet adequate friendly locals who will easy you way. Before purchasing your Morocco tour packages below listed are a few tips that you like to take into account to make your trip easier:

• Go during spring when Morocco is absolutely lush & green. Don’t overlook the extremes of winter and summer – they can be harmful. Ramadan is a fascinating time to travel Morocco, but be alert that several cafes and restaurants will be closed throughout the day.

• Knowledge about a few basic Arabic will take you a long way. Try es salaam alaykum (hello, literally 'peace be upon you'), 'afak (please - it has a glottal stop before it, like the sound between the vowels in 'uh-oh'. If you're talking to a woman it's 'afik; to a group, say 'afakum) and shukran bezzef (thank you very much) for beginners.

• Stay in a riad - a conventional Moroccan house constructed around an internal garden. Marrakesh, Fes & Essaouria are typical riad destinations.

• Load your pockets with small currency because tipping is a crucial part of the Moroccan life, and a small number of dirhams for a service keenly rendered can make your life a lot simpler. Also tip guides, taxis and little kids who assist you discover you way out of the complicated maze of streets in the old parts of town.

• When bargaining in the souks of Morocco treat it as a friendly game. It is a very important part of the culture. Just avoid the first price a trader puts forward.

• If you are offered mint tea by a native during your Morocco tours, sit down to relish. Mint tea is the trademark of the Moroccan hospitality and it will be impolite if you deny it.

• If you are a female touring alone, try to overlook unneeded attention. You will shouts of gazelle! And possibly even get the unusual wedding proposals, but the best thing you can do is avoid eye-contact. If it takes places, threaten cop involvement and it is unbelievably effective.

• Petit & grand taxis are an ideal way to get around, but be ready to wait - grand taxis won’t leave until all six cramped places are full. If you are a woman touring alone in a grand taxi, it is a good idea to book the two places in front for yourself.

To book your luxury Morocco tours, get in touch with a reliable tour operator only. Make sure you follow all these above mentioned tips to make your trip to Morocco safe and enjoyable.


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