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Off-The-Beaten Track Adventure Tour in Morocco

Morocco is a beautiful nation for an off the beaten path family adventure holiday. It boasts a magnificent year-round weather with a huge range of mountains, desert, historic towns, coasts and provides some of the finest locations & activities for outdoor adventures. For kids, exhilarating activities include whitewater rafting, camel treks, surfing and short hill hikes in charming countryside, where strange wildlife such as wild tortoises and tree-climbing goats are in abound.

Below listed are 3 off-the-beaten track destinations to check out during your Morocco adventure travel:


A great destination for an extensive array of cultural activities in a family surrounding on the way to a desert hike, Taroudant offers a great introduction to the authentic culture, and hospitality that is Morocco known for. Expose your children to new style of living the life, a broad minded Muslim culture & unusual sounds, sights and smells to awaken their senses.


This magnificent Berber village in the High Atlas Mountains is an incredible place for a short family trek with mules & wonderful local animals and plants. Situated in a valley in the High Atlas Mountains southwest of Marrakech, Ouirgane buzzes with activity on Thursdays when Berber families flock down from the mountains by donkey for market day. Ourigane is also a very renowned base for day walks into the Tassa Ouirgane National Park & longer treks to the Jbel Toubkal area. Morocco adventure tours can’t be imagined without a trip to this off-the-beaten site.


Not a lot of skiers can list Subtropical Africa as a place to ski, but Oukaimeden is a dependable, low key ski resort ideal for the family.

Sitting at 2,600 meters & its chairlift rising to 3, 258 meters, Oukaimeden is Africa’s highest ski resort, sitting on Jebel Attar. It features all the facilities of a classic European resort - ski hire, ski school, restaurants & hotels - but all accomplished in a Moroccan way.

Oukaimeden is not just about skiing. There is a huge sledging area for families, which allures youngsters by the hordes, while people taking the chairlift to esteem the grand sight far outnumber the number of skiers. And standing on the top of the mountain, 3723 m above sea level nothing beats the view looking out on the sparkling snow which ends in a fairy tale valley below.

Today you can even find a lot of tour operators offering customizable morocco tours that can be personalized according to your travel needs.


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