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Experience the best of Himalayas with Tibet Tour Package

There are numerous wonderful destinations around the world where you can spend your holidays. However, there is nothing like spending your holidays on the Himalayan peaks. It promises to the best time you can spend on this earth. Tibet is undoubtedly the best place to explore the beauty of Himalayan ranges. Thus, Tibet Tour packages are extremely popular among the tourists coming from different parts of the world. The unique culture and traditions of Tibet add a new dimension to your visit to the highest mountain peaks of the world. It offers a peaceful environment on top of the world where you can come with your family or friends. It is not just about the beauty but also about the religion and the people of Tibet that make it such a special destination.

Tibet is popularly known as the ‘Roof of the World’ because of its unique location on top of the Himalayas. The landscape of Tibet can be divided into four regions including East Tibet Canyons, The Himalayas, North Tibet Plateau and the Southern Tibet Valley. Tibet Tour Package has something for everyone whether you are looking for a thrilling trekking experience or indulging yourself into spirituality. Some of the best destinations of Tibet include Gyantse, Xigatse and Lhasa. You would love to spend time with the people of Tibet and the ethnic groups like Lhobas, Monpas and Qiang. Tibet invites you with mesmerising attractions like Namtaso Lake, Potala Palace, Mount Kailash, Qomolangma National Nature Reserve and Jokhang Temple.

The higher altitude of Tibet can make it uncomfortable for the tourists to adjust to the conditions. Thus, Lhasa is the most desirable destination for the tourists because of its comparatively lower altitude of 3,700 m above the sea level. It is also the capital city of Tibet with good facilities for the accommodation. You can explore the best of Lhasa in 3-4 days but there is a lot more to explore in the other parts of the Tibet. The trip to rest of the Tibet largely depends on your ability to adjust to the higher altitude where the reduced level of oxygen can make it hard to breathe. You can also visit Lake Namtso or Lake Yamdrok located at higher altitudes of 5,000m and 4,500m respectively. The temperature in Tibet is chilling for the larger part of the year. The best time to plan your Tibet Tour holidays is between the months of May and October.


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