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Mount Kailash Tour – A Journey Of A Lifetime

Located in the far west of Tibet, Mt Kailash is one of the holiest places in Tibetan Buddhism, and the destination for millions of devotes every year that comes to walk the Kora around the mountain. Though this trek is one of the most demanding in Tibet, but it is also the most popular among tourists.

There’re a host of things to see & do when you are in this region. Here is what your Mount Kailash tour package should include:

Mt Kailash Kora:

The Kora is something that it’d be a big miss to miss out on. Although the trek is tough and demanding, it can be incredibily satisfying once you’ve completed it. And there’re sights you wouldn’t want to miss out on the way around the mountain. Starting from Darchen, village, the kora follows the pilgrim’s tracks towards Mt. Kailash to the north.

Kangkyam Glacier:

On the way to Mount Kailash kora, there’s a chance to explore a real, moving Kangkyam Glacier falls from the north face of Mount Kailash. At the tongue of the glacier, one can enjoy exceptional sights of the sheer north face of Mount Kailash.

Hot Springs:

Placed to the northwest of Mount Kailash are the Tirthapura monastery & its hot springs. Positioned on the reservoirs of the Sutlej River, it’s a renowned place for devotees to come after they’ve finished the kora. They take a dip in the hot springs to relax their body, and then move to the monastery to witness the stone footprints of Guru Rinpoche that are preserved in the prayer hall.

Mansarovar & Rakshastal:

Just south of the Mount Kailash are the 2 holy lakes: Rakshastal and Mansarovar. The lakes, lying close to another, couldn’t be more different. Mansarovar, to the east, is a freshwater lake, with exceedingly rounded seashore. In opposite, Rakshastal is a saltwater lake, with no aquatic plants of fish. Hemispherical shaped, like the moon, it contrasts the spherica “sun” shape of Mansarovar so much that Tibetans call them “brightness & darkness”. The lakes are joined by a small river, which permits the fresh water of Mansarovar to seep into the salty Rakshastal. The sacred waters of Lake Mansarovar are assumed to ease pilgrims of their sins when drank or bathed in. This is probably why kailash manasarovar tour is quite popular among the devotees.

Last but not the least; you should be physically fit to witness all these above-mentioned highlights. Best of luck!


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