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Odisha Tour Package – A Perfect Cultural and Religious Experience

Sharing its borders with West Bengal & Andhrapradesh, Odisha is located on the Easter coast of India. The former capital of the powerful king Ashoka, Odisha is recognized all over the world for its magnificent history and cultural legacy. The state features architectural wonders such as the Sun Temple at Konark, age-old dance forms such as Chau and Odisi and most essentially the state is filled with ample natural beauty. Such beautiful attractions add to tourism in Odisha making it a crucial part of the travel itinerary of any tourists visiting India. A customized Odisha tour package can certainly give all the beautiful flavor this magnificent state has to offer.

Odisha is a coastal state that faces Bay of Bengal & is an excellent cultural hot-spot. The ancient name of this state was Kalinga which features a thousand year old history & it’s also a melting spot for the 3 endemic religions - Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism. Buddhism was brought by the mighty king Ashoka who changed his mind and heart following the Kalinga Battle which was occurred there. The old war area is now being admired by a lovely marble construction: the Shanti Stupa. According to Odisha tourism, the 3 most crucial places in Odisha to visit are Bhubaneswar, Konark and Puri. Puri is perhaps the greats of all because of the Lord Jagannath Temple which is devoted to mystifying embodiment of God Vishnua. Apart from that Puri is also recognized for its huge span of lovely beaches that allures both devotees and tourists in equal numbers. Konark is a tiny town close to Puri that’s recognized for its architectural wonder – The famous Sun Temple.

Bhubaneswar is the capital city of Odisha which is known as the “City of Temples” for its huge numbers of ancient temples spread all through the town. There are also many other attractive places in the town that are worth visiting include Nandankanan (zoo), botanical garden, Pathanisamantha and Planetorium among others. The 3 places merge to develop the Golden Triangle of Odisha Tourism and are vital places that a tourist should visit when visiting the state.

Today you can easily come across many travel company in Odisha that assert to offer the best service. A quick Internet search will offer you with the list of reputed travel agency. However, for a comprehensive Odisha tourism package you need to do some research before appointing any travel agent out there. You should opt with a company that has a greater number of positive customer reviews.


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