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Top 4 Places In Odisha That Are Worth Explorable

Odisha is one of the lesser visited states in India, as it is primarily rural & off-the-beaten. However, there are no shortages of tourist attractions to grab the attention of outsiders. The state feature picture-perfect national parks & wildlife, untouched beaches, classical music & dance, handicrafts, shrines, tribal culture, Buddhist relics, etc.

Choosing a reliable tour operator is Odisha is probably the best way to explore everything this magnificent state has to offer. If you are not sure what to see and do in Odisha, here is the help:

Visit Konark Sun Temple:

About 2 hours southeast of Bhubaneshwar, and an hour east of Puri lays the famous Konark Sun Temple. Engineered to be a massive chariot for the Sun God Surya, the elaborately designed Sun Temple was built in the thirteenth century. It stands almost thirty meters high on twelve humongous wheels. Erotic sculpture identical to those on the Khajuraho shrines are the most important feature of this temple.

Pay a trip to Chilika Lake:

If you are a bird lover then don’t forget to ask your travel agent in Odisha to add Chilika Lake into the package. Here you will also get the opportunity to spend some time among nature. Here you will also get to see Asia’s largest brackish water lake which is full of wildlife especially fish & migratory birds from far-off lands. There’re even dolphins to be seen in Chilika.

Don’t miss exploring the Bhitarkanika Wildlife Sanctuary:

Well, Simlipal National Park is no doubt the most renowned national park & tiger reserve in Odisha, but Bhitarkanika Wildlife Sanctuary is more exciting and accessible as well. It provides sheer excitement of witnessing massive salt-water crocodiles savoring on the mudflats, in addition to several species of birds. The best way of discovering the sanctuary is via boat through the mangroves. It is a much calmer & more laid-back substitute to the Sunderbans, and there is better possibility of witnessing wildlife.

Chandipur Beach:

White sand dunes, exquisite Casuarina trees, and a tide that recedes out for kilometers make Chandipur Beach so special for visitors. If you’re after crystal-clear waters & golden sands, this is the beach for you. Chandipur beach is also pretty safe. The area is relaxed & undeveloped, so don't anticipate many facilities.

If you want to add more places into your Odisha travel itinerary don’t forget to ask your travel agent Odisha to let you know about the more explorable places in this magnificent state of India. Your travel agent will probably guide in the best possible way.


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