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Top 6 Mobile Repair Tools That You Can Buy Online

When buying tools & equipment for fixing cell phones, it’s essential to choose the best one. Cheap tools mayn’t be useful when fixing a cell-phone. At the same time quality cell phone repair tools can help you get things sorted out sooner than later. Here in this post I am going to share with you about some top mobile repairing tools:

Soldering Iron:

Employed to solder tiny stuff like diode, resistor, regulator, transistor, microphone, speaker, etc. a fifty watt soldering iron is adequate for majority of cell-phone repairing task. When purchasing soldering iron online, choose one that’s simple to grip & doesn’t burn your hand. The iron should have choice to select different kinds & shapes of soldering tips. It should also be ESD-Safe (Antistatic) since most electronic compounds in a cell phone are pretty sensitive & can get damaged because of static charge or static electricity.

Soldering Stations:

A soldering station features two units – a station & an iron. It features options to control temperature relying on the heat need of the soldering work being performed. The soldering-iron is affixed with the soldering-station. It’s better & more convenient compared to typical soldering irons. It makes soldering job much faster and easier. You must select an ESD-Safe model when buying a soldering station for cell phone repairing.

Jumper Wire:

Well, this is a thin coated copper wire employed to jumper from one point to another on the track of a cell phone when repairing. Majority of the people doing the work of cell-phone repairing do jumper to resolve many problems.

Precision Screwdriver:

Well, this tool is employed to remove & tighten screws when assembling & dissembling a cell-phone. Precision screwdrivers of sizes T4, T5, T6 & forehead are ideal for most phone repairing jobs.


This is a very useful repairing tool employed to find faults, examine track & components. Always purchase a good quality dependable ESD-Safe digital Multimeter for phone repairing works.

Thinner or PCB cleaner:

This tool is employed to clean the PCB of a cell phone. The most typical PCB cleaner employed in cell phone fixing is IPA or Isopropyl Alcohol. It’s important to purchase only good-quality PCB cleaner as bad quality PCB cleaners can severely damage the board of the phone.

You can always find mobile repair tools wholesale rate online as today a lot of manufacturers offer their products online. Just put the name of the tools you want but in the search box of search engines and you will come out with plenty of options.


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