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Different Protective Iphone Cases To Choose From

The amount of tablet and phone cases available today on the marketplace is overwhelming, and they’re available in an array of designs, colors and materials. Listed below are some of the materials that are usually found in phone cases.

PU Leather: Also recognized as bicast leather PU leather is a kind of synthetic leather. It’s comes with a split leather support that’s sheltered with a coat of polyurethane, and the polyurethane keeps it appearing new, which denotes cases composed from this material tend to be grime-resistant. New PU leather cases might discharge a chemical odor, but that will vanish within a week. These kinds of cases are generally great at safeguarding bumps & scratches and also pretty low in terms of cost.

Genuine leather:

Not surprisingly, real leathers are also employed in phone cases. Whilst PU leather does feature some real leather, it just makes up a negligible part, hence difference between the 2 substances do exist. Both top-grain and full-grain leather is employed to manufacture phone cases, with full grain considered as the utmost quality whereas top grain considered as the 2nd highest. Full grain leathers are durable, strong and breathable substance and are really wear defiant, while top grain lathers have less breathability due to the finishing layer integrated to its surface.


TPU stands for thermoplastic polyurethane & is a catch-all term for a wide variety of polyurethane plastics. Today you can see the increasing demand of iPhone 7 TPU cases that are widely available both online and offline. Cases manufactured from TPU are generally semi transparent & lean to be really flexible as they can be bent without changing its shape. Also, these cases are defiant to dirt, scratches, oil, and abrasion and can be washed through waters, making them simple to take care of and also durable. TPU cases usually won’t provide any defense to screens; hence a screen protector will be useful in conjunction with such case to accomplish absolute protection. Due to such advantages iPhone TPU case manufacturers are receiving more demands from customers for this type case.

As you can see from this short overview, the materials employed in phone & tablet cases, while giving different advantages & disadvantages, do all aid in the defense of smart devices in some way. Therefore, what kind of material is best fitted for a person will rely on what they’re looking for from their protective case.


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