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Is Upgrading To Microsoft Office 2010 Worth It?

In August 1989, Microsoft office was launched as a commercial office suite that contains relevant desktop application and services. Presently, it is a standard figure for most individuals using a computer to create a document, spreadsheets, presentation, and even sending emails. With more than 500 million users using Microsoft office around the world, the company has a lot to offer.
Feature Of Office 2019
With new features introduces in the microsoft project professional 2019, you should ensure that you contact Microsoft Office Support in case you are experiencing some difficulties.
Enhanced Picture Editing
All the programs in cooperated in microsoft project professional 2019 have improved image editing picture. For instance, you can do enhanced editing like changing the background images, increasing brightness, selecting portion, and adding special effects to the office itself.
Multiple Authoring
You can share a document with other machines as long as they are connected to one network. All these changes are live to all the users immediately. Moreover, you can do co-authoring for word documents, Excel spreadsheets, and not forgetting PowerPoint presentation.
Social Connectivity
The Outlook Social Connector provides a quick view of emails, appointment, and attachments. This can be used to get information on selected persons from varying online social networks.
PowerPoint Broadcast Slide show
This fantastic feature allows you to stream your PowerPoint presentation to the audience over a network. This does not matter if your views have PowerPoint installed or not. They will all get live streaming in their web browsers.
Better OneNote
Microsoft OneNote 2010 is generally more intelligent compared to the previous versions. It comes with numerous new features, which include Linked Notes, Auto Highlighting, and even page version tracking amongst others. You have the freedom to organize audio and video files, images, and share text also track document versions using it.
Improved Data Presentation in Excel
Microsoft Excel 2010 comes with improved analytic and chart features. The use of Sparkling provides you with a compact and clear presentation of the visual data. The slicers help you filter the pivot table and use it in different layers.
Microsoft Office Backstage
In this version, the traditional menu system is replaced with Microsoft office backstage. Providing an enhanced menu system and the Ribbon interface.
Is It Worth The Upgrade?
Most of the new features in Microsoft office 2010 are essential in business and commercial environments rather than home users. If you are using the 2007 version for your home, then you will find it worth it to spend $100 to $`150 to get the business-class features. Moreover, Office 2012 is on the way with plans to run towards the end of 2012. This also comes with even more exciting features than the 2010 version.
If you want a taste of the quality, then upgrade to the 2010 version with $150 for a lucrative experience.
If you have already purchased the full license of microsoft project professional 2019, then you will need to install the previous versions of Microsoft office. However, you only need to run the installation CD to upgrade and overwrite the existing text. In case you are experiencing difficulties while installing office 2010, ensure you take the help of Microsoft Office Support without any delay.


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