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6 Fundamental Challenges And Advancements In The Textile Industry Of Today

The textile industry in India has dramatically modernized in the past few decades and evolved into a dynamic player in our way of living. Even though many textile brands carry labels such as 'Made in China' or 'Made in Bangladesh,' many countries, including India, have seen new and refined textile companies rising with innovative products. On the other side of this coin, this modernization has given rise to their distinctive challenges while worsening the old ones. Of which, the three fundamental challenges faced by almost every national and multinational textile industry are:
Environmental and Legal Problems:
Ecological limitations and legal issues are the primary causes of losses and deficits in textile industries worldwide. The dyes, chemicals, and machinery used for textile production create some hazardous byproducts which cannot be disposed into the environment due to their toxicity towards living organisms.
Water waste is another massive issue when it comes to textile production as most products such as clothes, rugs, draperies, etc. consume gallons of clean water, which isn't reusable.
Economic and Public Volatility:
The world of fashion and nuclear lifestyle has triggered a highly volatile and unprecedented level of demand, which most industries are unable to keep up. With rapid and intermittent changes and innovations in wearable fashion and home decor, the textile industries are forced to adapt to new public demands while facing significant losses.
Labour Safety:
The safety of the textile labor force can be discussed in two aspects:
Legal Safety:
Many developing countries are forced to pay minimum wages to their laborers due to their deficits and exploding demands.
Physical Safety:
Textile laborers are constantly exposed to several chemicals, which can lead to severe diseases. Also, the extremely high noise levels inside textile factories have been found to cause hearing disabilities.

Though there have been some past incidents of textile industries excessively polluting ecosystems, modern companies of the 21st century are successfully developing cleaner and greener ways of manufacturing textile products. Several technological and legislative changes have been made, which are changing the face of the textile industry as a growing part of our country's GDP and supporter of environmental protection. The three fundamental advancements seen in the past few years include:
Improved Manufacturing Process:
Many textile companies have evolved by adapting technologically enhanced machinery and using eco-friendly chemicals and raw materials. Automated systems have streamlined several processes, such as designing, cutting, and packaging, increasing productivity, and profitability.
This advancement has also led to improved employee safety and education, thereby improving their standard of living.
Due to the boom in job opportunities, many textile workers are migrating to different states and countries, which has contributed to the global trade of food, culture, and ideologies. This has also led to the exchange of modern and cultural fashion ideas across different countries.
Global Social Responsibility:
With the increased sharing of ideas and laws, many textile companies are becoming aware of the environmental laws and regulations in individual countries and are improvising to be socially responsible for upholding their hardworking employees.

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