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6 Shoulder Injuries Common In Athletes Involved In Throwing Sports

The glenoid joint of the shoulder is primarily responsible for stabilizing our arm movements when performing overhead activities. This joint consists of an outer rim of strong, fibrous tissue called the labrum, which deepens the socket region as the head of the humerus (upper arm bone) extend and relaxes. Another collection of ligament tissues covering the shoulder known as the ‘shoulder capsule’ keeps the head of the upper arm bone centered in this socket. Apart from these tissue systems, the glenoid joint is also fortified by various tendons and muscles emerging from the humerus, shoulder blade, and clavicle bones.
Athletes involved in extensive throwing or swinging sports such as cricket, baseball, basketball, badminton, etc., incur exhaustive stresses on their glenoid joints. Consequently, some shoulder injuries caused by throwing movements, also known as ‘throwing injuries,’ are more common in these athletes and require the immediate attention of a trained shoulder specialist in Mumbai. Here, we will discuss these throwing injuries in detail and understand their causes and symptoms.
Common Shoulder Injuries In Throwing Injuries
SLAP Injuries:
Superior Labrum Anterior to Posterior (SLAP) injury, the upper part of the labrum is torn due to excessive strain caused by throwing motion. The bicep tendon that connects to the labrum can also get injured. Its early symptoms include shoulder locking and significant pain during certain movements.
Internal Impingement:
The throwing motion involves a cocking phase when the arm is pulled back and whirled ahead, tightening the shoulder’s back. The rotator cuff tendons between the humeral head and the glenoid socket can get pinched during such throws. Severe impingements can further cause tears to the rotator cuffs and labrum.
Rotator Cuff & Bicep Tendinitis:
Repetitive throwing actions overwork the ligaments and tendons of the biceps and rotator cuffs sooner than usual. Excessive wearing of these connective tissues leads to inflammation, also known as tendinitis. In the case of bicep tendinitis, the front face of the shoulder becomes painful and weak. If the pain radiates from the front of the shoulder to the side of the arm when throwing, it is more likely to be due to rotator cuff tendinitis.
Glenohumeral Internal Rotation Deficit (GIRD):
Throwing or swinging at high velocity requires an extreme external rotation at the shoulder joint, which stretches the frontal ligaments of the glenoid socket. Consequently, the connective tissues at the back of the shoulder tighten and become stiff due to chronic strain. Gradually, this leads to poor internal rotation of the joint, hindering the athlete’s accuracy. It also puts them at risk of labral and rotator cuff tears.
Separated Shoulder:
Unlike a dislocated shoulder, where the humeral head moves out of the glenoid socket, a separated shoulder is a condition where one of the ligaments connecting the collarbone to the shoulder blade is damaged. This causes the collarbone to move out of position and deform the shoulder. Since it pushes against the skin, it causes intense pain until treated by a shoulder specialist in Mumbai.
Chronic Shoulder Instability:
Repetitive throwing movements loosen the shoulder’s connective tissues over time, making it prone to laxity and dislocations. When the rotator cuffs weaken, it causes the shoulder to slip slightly off-center (subluxation) when throwing. Such recurrent dislocation is referred to as chronic shoulder instability. It is often diagnosed with reduced throwing strength and consistent shoulder pain.

When it comes to finding a shoulder surgeon, Mumbai is home to many orthopedic specialists. But athletes must find a shoulder surgeon who specializes in sports injuries and understands their specific problems. Dr. Pranjal Kodkani is one of the most renowned names for treating sports injuries of the shoulder. His joint preservation techniques aim at reducing the downtime and sustain the original joint strength to safeguard your athletic career and future health. Hence, whenever you need a shoulder specialist in Mumbai to treat your shoulder injury, you can directly reach out to Dr. Kodkani for the best joint treatment.


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