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Why Eating Fewer Carbohydrates Is Beneficial To Our Bodies?

What are net carbs? This is the question most people have been asking themselves. To fully understand it, it is of great importance to first examine what the Keto diet is all about. This is the kind of diet, which is very low on carb, whereby, a majority of your body’s carb intake is replaced with fats. This process is known as ketosis, and it gives your body the efficiency to convert the fat into energy. Therefore, net carbs are specifically the calculated amounts of net carbs taken daily by individuals. In other words, they are the total carbohydrate intake in a particular food measured in grams minus the total amount of fiber in that food.
What most of us do not know about fiber is that it is mostly the indigestible carbohydrates in the foods we eat. That is why it is not usually included in the total amount of carbohydrate intake by the body, and enough to bring down the much-needed insulin to manageable levels, of which too much would inhibit the body from being in a ketosis mode.
A good example is a cauliflower. A single cup of this vegetable if well cooked contains about five grams of its total carbohydrates. However, it also has about two grams of fiber in it. Whereby, if it is subtracted from the total amount of carbohydrates will leave us with three grams of the net carbs.
Total Amount Of Carbs – Total Amount Of Fiber = Net Carbs
What are net carbs? Daily, the majority of keto foods contain not less than between 20-50 grams of mean net carbs. One quick way of deducing this is by looking at the labels on the containers. Another way of determining the mean net carbs is through online platforms. Both will help you to determine the amounts you are consuming daily. With such calculations, you will know whether to decrease or increase your daily intake.
What Does The Keto Diet Mean?
The sole purpose of this kind of diet is to inhibit carbohydrates to between five to ten per cent of total calories intake daily. This translates to between twenty and fifty grams for the majority of people. That is why this diet is mostly described as the alternative lower carb to a diet low on carbs. However, what you should be aware of is that this diet contains high levels of fats between seventy to eighty per cent thereabout, which is higher than most diets in the same category.
What Can You Eat On This Diet?
To make your body reach the ketosis state is not spontaneous. This is because many factors come into the fore. Furthermore, it is a process that normally involves several numbers of days of strictly adhering to eating less and fewer amounts of carbohydrates and not more than between 20 to 50 grams. While meat-based meals such as eggs, dairy products, nuts, fats, high fiber low carb vegetables, are ideal, what this diet discourages are carbs and sugar.
What are net carbs? By this time, your question must have been fully answered. And strict adherence to low carb diets has immense health benefits. It also gives your body the much-needed energy to help in your day-to-day activities without any problem. This is the right time for a keto diet.

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