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Side Effects Of Green Coffee

Green coffee contains caffeine just like normal roasted coffee. Therefore, side effects of green coffee are the same as side effects of caffeine. Many people don’t have any side effects from moderate consumptions of caffeine. Excessive consumption may include side effects like

2.Sleeping disorder
3.Weak bone health


The caffeine present in the green coffee interacts with the human body and worsens the anxiety levels. It is because the caffeine stimulates the “fight or flight” response of the body which could lead to anxiety getting worse and sometimes even a panic attack.

– Sleeping disorder

Just like normal roasted coffee, the caffeine present in green coffee promotes alertness. Therefore, the sleep receptor is blocked by caffeine, preventing you from falling asleep.

It delays the time of your body clock leading to reduced time of your sleep.

-Weak Bone Health

The caffeine present in coffee reduces the bone mass. It increases the amount of calcium which is usually flushed out of the body. Excessive intake of coffee is harmful for those who have osteoporosis.

The dosage of green coffee varies from person to person and depends upon various factors like age, health and other medical conditions. It is always advised to consume green coffee and caffeine in moderate range which is less than 400mg per day to avoid the side effects of it on your body.

Green coffee is a good substitute for normal roasted coffee if taken in moderate quantities. You could add a cup of green coffee in your daily routine if there are no pre-existing medical complications like anxiety and insomnia. Moreover, green coffee also helps in weight loss and reduces the risk of chronic diseases. To achieve maximum results for weight loss, following a healthy lifestyle is advised. Excessive intake may lead to some side effects that are caused due to caffeine intolerance.


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