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Tips for saving your iPhone from water damage

Nowadays, our life is mostly control by the technology and there are a lot of great apps that bring numerable enjoyment and convenience to our life, so many people will feel distressed when they are not holding a phone. Not only does it allow us to communicate but it can work as our mobile office on top of providing a source of employment. A phone is definitely an important gadget in our lives. Anything happen to you iPhone or refurbished iPhone like becoming defective or falling into the water will cause you lots of trouble. No matter how hard you may try to take care of your iPhone, some bad things will always occur in a surprise way. Accidents and misfortunes sometimes is out of our control. Since we cannot control them, at least we should how to do the damage control when they do happen. A phone falling into water I think is one of the most common scenario that many people meet. There are certain things that you can do prevent further damage and save the most.

When your iPhone has fallen into water, one of the first things that you need to do is to ensure that you have removed it from water as fast as possible and then dry it with a towel. This will ensure that there is minimal water going into your phone. After getting it off from the water, you should turn it off immediately using the power button. Once the water going inside may cause the short circuit, and the circuit shortage is biggest problem for a phone, it can lead a phone into totally be useless. When you turn on the phone after it has fallen into the water, this increases the chances of damage.

Remove the covers or phone cases of the phone and Shake it gently. This is necessary as these may end up trapping moisture inside. Remove the SIM card and the Battery if you are the confident DIY user before placing the phone on a paper towel to help the phone to dry. Make sure that you have wiped off as much water as possible from the exterior of the gadget to dry the sockets and ports, turn the gadget upside down and shake it gently. Avoid moving it in an excessive way as the water inside will end up moving around causing more damage to the phone.
Put it in uncooked rice. To help dry the gadget, a good idea would be to place it inside a bowl containing uncooked rice. Ensure that it remains there for a period of time. The rice will help in absorbing the water from the iPhone.

On top of placing the gadget in a bowl containing rice to dry, a good idea would to use the silica gel packets. Ensure that the gel packets remain stuffed in a container and the iPad stays inside. Ensure that the refurbished iPhone 5 remains inside the container for a period of time. The duration that it will stay there will depend on how long it was inside the water.

A common mistake that people make is to try to reduce the water using the blow drier in their attempt to dry the device as soon as possible. This can end up causing more harm than good because the blow drier produces more heat that not only dries the water but can melt the solder that holds the different components of the iPad together. This may result in more damage to the device.

All these tips can only control the damage, and the best thing you should do is be careful especially hold an iPhone near a water.


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