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Why Apple Launched New Version Of 32Gb Iphone 6?

As early as February of this year, in different regions Apple launched a 32GB version of iPhone 6. In the China region only one color "rose gold" is optional. In recent days, dark gray "special edition" iPhone 6 quietly appears in JD Mall for selling at the price of 2678 RMB. The 32GB deep gray iPhone 6 will still regard third-party retailers as the main sales channels, Apple's official website and offline official retail stores will not sell this model. As the flagship model Apple launched IPhone 6 in 2014, did not contain 32GB version. What is the reason now for that Apple slightly improved mobile phone capacity, coupled with iOS 10 system, re-launched sales?

Many people hear this news, the first reaction may be: "Apple is in order to quickly release the inventory before the new machine". We think this is only a small part of the reason. In accordance with previous practice, Apple will release new model in September each year, a new generation of flagship iPhone. Many people who need to replace phone this year choose to wait for it, only the rumors of the iPhone 8 a listing did not hesitate to buy. In addition, in the past two months, a variety of high-end Android models have been released, is bound to erode some of the iOS market share. Apple chose to launch 32GB version iPhone 6 at this time with small screen iPhone SE on sales, can effectively resist the pressure from the Android camp, stabilize iOS market share in China. Third-party channel sales report shows 32GB version of iPhone 6 sales at least 10 million or more, the number is very large.

Recently the Newzoo research report pointed out that in April the number of iPhone in the world used for 728 million, has been listed for 7 years the iPhone 4 in the world still have 1% share, the equivalent of 7.28 million units per day is still use. IPhone 7 series accounted for 19%, iPhone 6s series accounted for 26%. September 2014 released the iPhone 6 series of the most popular, accounting for 30% of all iPhone. The general Andrews mobile phone rarely used more than 3 years, showing that consumer love Apple's first big-screen mobile phone favorite. As the most popular iPhone models on the market today, if Apple wants to win the trust of some mid-range users, the original specifications are clearly not enough to see, so Apple will start the capacity doubled to 32GB, but the price compared to February 3399 RMB when the big price to 2678 RMB. For this price, compared to Apple's official 3288 RMB, 4588 RMB from the sale of iPhone SE and iPhone 6s have a cost advantage.

To talk about buying or not buying, perhaps we must also take into account the target crowd of 32GB iPhone 6. First of all, the price of 2678 RMB for the limited budget Apple users has a certain appeal. IOS is a closed system, we often referred to the word "eco circle", iOS ecosystem on the performance of an iPhone is not a simple call device, it is connected to a lot of users every day using watchOS, MacOS and so on systems and functions, Android system cannot be replaced. Many users said, "used to the iPhone is inseparable from the" reason is that iOS sticky, which is happy to see the results of Apple. So for the still use of older models and limited budget users, spend more than 2000 to buy a hot iPhone 6 on the market is also not understandable.

Second we found from the third-party channel after-sales comments, many buyers choose to 32GB iPhone 6 as a backup phone or gift to parents and family members. Many comment that the iPhone boot function is very suitable for parents to use, do not worry about some malicious software malicious deductions. For iOS new users, 32GB capacity has been able to meet the daily use. Of course, everyone's demand for smart phones is not the same, the purchase of mobile phones consider a variety of factors. For you, are you willing to spend 400USD to buy this 32GB iPhone 6? Perhaps as friends said, it is preferred from other channels choosing to buy the processor updated second-hand iPhone.

Recently a HK refurbished Apple equipment online shop Cell Phone Age com released several versions of refurbished iPhone 6 for sale. 16GB only need 318USD, 64GB is 390USD. Compared to official website such prices are much cheaper meanwhile the quality is almost the same as original.


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