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Maintenance Ways For Iphone 6 Battery To Extend Two Years

Today's smart phone screen can be described as bigger and bigger, therefore, mobile phone battery capacity has become the reference condition of which consumers pay more attention to when purchase. But no matter how much capacity of the battery, it always has a certain life. Including today's most popular mobile phone apple iPhone 6, currently most smartphone modes are the basic use of lithium-ion rechargeable batteries. As the battery charge times are limited, and the closer to the life of the deadline, its chargeable capacity will be less and less.

Cell phone battery life depends mainly on of two aspects, one is the number of charging times; the other is the use habits of mobile phone users. Therefore, in order to extend the life of mobile phone batteries as much as possible, in daily life you should avoid some of the wrong charging and use ways. In this regard, Cell Phone Age for iPhone6 phone on the wrong charging and the use of methods summarized several suggestions.

Which charge state is most likely to damage the battery?
The battery charge state will cause a corresponding damage, so the user should be as much as possible in the range of 20% to 80% of the use of mobile phones. When the battery is less than 20%, it should be charged in time. In addition, if you do not use the phone for a long time, you should also ensure that the battery power between 20% and 80%, try to avoid less than 20% or above 80%.

What is the deep relationship between iPhone 6 mobile phone battery charging method and the service life?
To extend the iPhone 6 cell phone battery life, first need to understand its charging mode. IPhone 6 mobile phone battery charging is divided into two stages, 0% to 80% for the stage one, the stage for the "fast charge mode"; 80% to 100% for the stage two, the stage for the "slow charge mode."

The biggest benefit of fast charging mode is that when the phone is running out of power, can be filled in a short period of time most of the power, shorten the waiting time of mobile phone users, but this charging method is easier to damage the battery life, especially the more close to 100 % Of the damage, therefore, in order to reduce the damage, only 80% to 100% of the charging interval changed to slow charge, In addition, when the battery is fully charged, if you do not unplug the power cord, the phone battery will remain slow Speed charging mode.

No.1 iPhone 6 battery error usage
Every time the phone power to use a clean, and then not timely charging, long-term placement. Excessive depletion of electricity will also cause damage to the lithium-ion rechargeable battery, this process is called "deep discharge", so do not charge the battery power consumption close to 0% when the recharging, not to the phone power close to 0% after the phone Long term placement is not used.

No.2 iPhone 6 battery error usage
In the full state of the long-term mobile phone is not used. Lithium-ion rechargeable batteries in the near-full state, its life will be damaged. If the iPhone6 phone is idle, it should be controlled fewer than 80% of the electricity, it is best to keep at about 50%, and occasionally start the phone if you find the power below 20%, then it should be charged in time to allow its power to 50% 80% between.

No.3 iPhone 6 battery error usage
Close to full charged iPhone 6 placed in high temperature (45 degrees above). Such as in the summer, the full iPhone6 placed in the higher temperature of the car; winter iPhone6 will be a long time on the radiator, electric heating equipment and other heating equipment, etc., especially the full state of the phone will be placed for a long time in the 45 degrees above the high temperature, the largest damage to the battery. The experimental report shows that the full state of the iPhone6 mobile phone placed in 45 degrees environment within half a year, the final detection found that the battery performance decreased by 40%.

No.4 iPhone 6 battery error usage
After power is fully charged the USB cable is not removed or unplug, continue to maintain a long time to connect. As mentioned before, iPhone 6 in the case of fully charged without removing connection to socket, will continue to maintain a slow charge mode. Although the model will reduce the damage to the battery, there is still damage. Most users are accustomed to during the night sleep charge for the phone, and this occasion is difficult to unplug the power cord when full power charged. But if charging power for phone during day time, you should pay more attention as much as possible, when found full power should be unplugged line.

In iOS 8, a new feature that allows you to view the power consumption of an application which can be viewed by clicking on the [General] - [Dosage] - [Battery Usage] and other steps directly in the background of the phone Hours or in the past 7 days, the application of the power consumption of the situation, so as to determine the power consumption of the biggest culprit in the phone, we can turn off these relatively large power consumption applications, to improve the phone's battery life.

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