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A Comparison between WHM JetBackup Manager and Native WHM Reseller Backup

The reseller hosting business is one of the most profitable businesses. However, we cannot turn a profit unless we are providing the utmost quality service to our clients. Regular backups will help to gain the trust of your clients. There are numerous WHM Auto Backup services out there. But, JetApps JetBackup plays the important role in this industry. Let us see a simple comparison between JetBackup Manager and Native WHM panel.

JetBackup’s WHM has many new features to save you money and time by streamlining and automating tedious server management tasks. It can be fully rebranded to match your company branding. Let us see some of the features in detail below.

• User Accounts
• World of Add-Ons
• Investment Protection
• Branding
• Server Monitoring
• Unique Customer Experience
• Transfers & Backups

User Accounts:

You can use your Virtual Private Server or Dedicated Server into a scalable business opportunity with our WHM. Our WHM control panel helps to create and manage user accounts. You can manage your client’s individual sites more effectively. You can fix and sell your own hosting packages to your clients.

World of Add-Ons:

There are more than 500 applications and plugins that are available in our WHM. You can find the necessary tools or widgets easily.

Transfers & Backups:

Our Backups system is very strong. You do not need to worry about lost information with our automatic backups on all data. Also, data transferring will be much easier and seamless from beginning to end. Our WHM will give a Unique Customer Experience.


Like I said, you will get custom branding features with our WHM. You can rebrand more effectively and efficiently using our WHM. You can use your own custom branding logos, images or colors! This will enhance the trustworthiness among your clients and help build your brand.

Our WHM is the best in the market. You can get the free demo by clicking the below link

WHM Login:
Username: demouser
Password: demopass

Our JetBackup provides Incremental Remote Backups, Hourly Backups, Backup Job Rating, Jobs per Reseller/Package, Single File Restore, Sell Backup Services, etc… It helps to backup in multiple Destinations including WHM Backup To Amazon, Dropbox, local backup, etc… So, WHM along with our Jet Backups will be your battleship against your competitors.

JetApps offers many Products to Backup, Restore, Migrate and Replicate Your Data! JetBackup and JetClone are a few successful products of them. To know more about how to Backup WHM and Restore Backup WHM, please visit our website HERE: If you have any questions please contact us, our customer support team ready to help you for 24/7.


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