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How important to have a cPanel Backup Database for Your Website

An accidental loss of data or information assets can have a devastating impact on your business or work. It is essential that you always backup your information because the data is a crucial aspect of your computer, and ultimately your business. There are many reasons for having backups and a good backup manager can save your business from a huge headache. JetBackup is the best solution to backup your information.

What is JetBackup?

JetBackup is a WHM plugin that allows you to download and restore backup files of your hosting plan for a specific date and time. JetBackup empowers users to make their own backup within their web hosting control panel. JetBackup provides an interface where clients can perform full site restores or single file/folder restores. JetBackup allows you to backup or restore more effectively and efficiently:

• Full Account Backup
• File Backup
• Database Backup
• DNS Zone Backup
• Email Backup
• Cron Job Backup
• SSL Cert Backup

JetBackup manager offers many types of backups and the accounts can be backed up periodically and can be restored whenever required. Let’s take a look at the other features JetBackup offers!

It is a must to keep your cPanel Backup Email to get in touch with your customers. JetBackup allows you to backup cPanel user email data. If you are an online e-commerce site owner or your business relies on Cron jobs, then it is your responsibility to take cPanel Cron Job Backup. The cPanel Full Backup is a fast and easy recovery process since complete data is readily available.

How is JetBackup better than Normal Backup?

Although cPanel helps to backup files, emails, Cron jobs, database etc., always essential to have something better than the normal backup system. It is necessary to have a better backup manager which has the ability to allow end users to restore backups themselves from cPanel without having to do it from WHM.

JetBackup is excellent from all the aspects and it is better than the normal backups. JetBackup helps to backup your cPanel Backup Database more efficiently through cPanel remote backup or local incremental backups. It shows users the importance of safeguarding their important data. JetBackupmade up of settings like automation of backups as well as restores on Cron jobs are also included in a user-friendly GUI.

What does JetBackup offer that makes it better than other standard backup services?

Let us see some of the amazing features offered by the JetBackup below.

• It is Easy to install on cPanel/WHM
• It supports multiple remote destinations like Dropbox, Amazon S3, and Google Drive
• It Allows users to create a special job for Hourly backups
• Restore Queue Management
• Disaster Recovery Restore to Remote Service
• Regular updates

If you are looking to buy the best backup software, JetApps is your best choice. They are the leading backup solution for cPanel and offer several features.


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