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7 Best eCommerce Website Development Platforms in 2020 and Beyond

The right eCommerce website development platform is a must for staying profitable. A real-world, physical storefront is no longer enough to keep a business afloat. Technology has changed this world completely and now all brands are selling their wares online. There is a growing demand for eCommerce website development platforms as more and more brands are establishing themselves online. Building an eCommerce website is no longer difficult, thanks to these amazing development platforms discussed below.

BigCommerce provides both development platforms for shopping carts as well as Saas. It is customizable and flexible since it is built using multiple APIs. It has a store stocked with all kinds of extensions. Its features are almost endless including email marketing, product promotion, automation tools, payment processing options that exclude payment processing fees, etc. The flexibility of the shipping options on this platform deserves special mention. They allow live quotes and rate calculations. It integrates with marketplaces and social networks seamlessly. Along with the ability to sell on multiple channels, it also has a lot of marketing tools with handy URL customization options.

Design customization isn’t very user-friendly. And unlike some platforms, it doesn’t have a built-in POS. There is a sales limit according to the subscription plan. Also, special features like abandoned cart saver are expensive.


Magento is one of the oldest eCommerce website development platforms in the industry and had been holding its own at the top for a very long time. Until it was replaced by Shopify as the marker leader it was widely acknowledged as possibly the best eCommerce website development platform to date. Magento is again, an open-source platform and has the associated benefits of customizability and flexibility. It provides basic analytical tools for optimizing conversion and monitoring web traffic. It is widely preferred in the industry as it supports both MVC and OOP architectures. Customizing and using Magento requires a certain degree of technical skill. A key feature of Magento is that it supports multiple browsers, languages and is compatible with several currencies. Read more...


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