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6 Most Important Topics you need to Prepare to Score Well in NEET UG

As an aspirant medicine student, getting into a good, well-reputed undergraduate program is absolutely essential! The means to achieve that is to crack your NEET exam with an impressive score that can broaden your choices and give you the liberty to choose from all the renowned universities.

Begin your preparation as early as possible to give yourself an ample amount of time with revision and practice. Science is an undoubtedly complex subject that requires proper planning and preparation. Begin with covering the 6 most important topics for neet, this can give you motivation and confidence to excel.

NEET-UG must learn topics Checklist
Biology Important Topics
Human physiology and Genetics & Evolution are 2 topics under NEET Biology with the highest amount of weightage; it also is considerably more complex and difficult to understand as compared to other topics on the syllabus. Since it has a weightage of over 18% and 20% respectively, take out more time for these particular concepts. Refer only to NCERT to avoid the ambiguity that can be created by learning from multiple different publishers.

Physics Important Concepts
Optics and Thermodynamics are amongst the harder topics in Physics and require a strong foundation. Physics is a subject that needs a lot of application skills. While the numerical can be similar, they test your ability to apply the concepts learned to different problems. With a weightage of 9% and 10%, respectively, these topics are ranked with the highest weightage in NEET physics and also you can have Physics important chapters for neet.

Chemistry Must Read Topics
Kinematics, Law of Motion, and Coordination Compounds are the topics with greater weightage for Chemistry; while it is less tricky to excel as compared to Physics and Biology, it is vital to not take the subject for granted! With a total of 45 questions overall, you can easily add value to your marks by doing well in NEET Chemistry!

With so much competition, it is vital that you stay on top of your A-game. You can do so by ensuring that you receive quality and timely preparation! In times of a pandemic, a lot of restrictions might limit your reach or access to coaching institutes and physical tutoring. It is important to follow the social distancing norms to keep you and everyone safe. A little guidance and planning go a long way; Tutoroot helps you do exactly that! Take an online free trial course, to begin with, and experience advanced personalized learning online. If you checkout all of physics important chapters for NEET Online Preparation 2022 then you can score 700 marks in neet 2022.

All you have to do is begin your Online tutoring classes right away, highly qualified faculty help you divide your time and focus on different topics that are on the exam. This way you can cover neet physics important chapters comfortably, while also giving extra attention to more scoring and important topics, which are mentioned above! Visit our website for more details at


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