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How to Crack IIT JEE in the First Attempt?

Every year, many people attend the IIT JEE exam hoping to get into the top engineering institutes and colleges across the country. However, only half of the people usually pass the examination, as it is one of the hardest examinations. Also, this examination has some of the most complex topics and chapters that are very hard to understand and remember. So, if you want to crack the IIT JEE in your very first tip, then you should follow some strict daily routine as mentioned below.

Tips to Crack the Exam

Understand the Syllabus

In order to understand how to crack IIT on the first attempt, you must focus on understanding the syllabus of each subject. In addition to this, you should also concentrate on the weightage of each chapter. So that you can spend more time on the high-weightage chapters, which will help you score the best ranks and scores in the examination. Furthermore, refer to the older NEET question papers to get accumulated with the exam pattern.

Focus on NCERT Books

The IIT JEE examination syllabus is taken directly from NCERT Books, so if you spend most of the time covering the chapters in these books, you will end up getting the best scores. However, once you believe that you are thorough in each chapter in the subjects of these books, then you can move on to other books or refer to other popular test books for Online Courses for IIT JEE.

Revise Regularly

As you know from the above sections, IIT JEE is a very tough examination, as it has complex subjects included in the syllabus. So, to cover each topic and subject, you must focus on revision continuously. Besides this, it is better for students to revise each topic learned on the very same day. This makes you remember the topics better. Moreover, you must also make daily schedules for revisions every day.

Solve Mock Tests

To get accumulated with the pattern of the IIT JEE exams, you must spend some time trying to solve the IIT JEE mock tests as it will let you find out the types of questions usually asked in the exam. It gives you a brief idea of what are your strong and weak areas in each subject so that you can prepare accordingly. More importantly, IIT JEE involves a large number of questions that have to be answered in a short period, so attending mock tests will help boost your ability.

Create a Timetable

Having a strict timetable will be very crucial for the people who are preparing for the IIT JEE exam. To cover the extensive syllabus included in the subject, long study hours are required for each subject. Thus, for this process, the students might have to create a strict study timetable allotting study hours to each subject as well as breaks to have a refreshing mind and focused attitude.

Is it possible to crack the exam on the 1st Attempt?

As you can understand from the above, it is possible for candidates to crack the IIT JEE exam on the very first attempt. However, for this process, you must follow certain tips and tricks on how to crack JEE mains and advance in the first attempt as given above. However, if you believe that you need online coaching to get the best rank in the exam. Then please check out online interactive classes offered by the Tutoroot platform, as they come along with various benefits.

In the article, we helped you understand the tips and tricks on how to crack the IIT JEE in the first step, as well as some of the things you must remember while preparing for the IIT JEE Exam. Moreover, if you want to access more guides on what are the best books for IIT JEE preparation, how to create the best timetable, etc. then visit the Tutoroot platform. Visit our website for more details at


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