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5 Useful Tips on Preparing for the Chemistry Section in IIT JEE Mains

Chemistry JEE Main Preparation Tips – Students who are preparing for the Joint Entrance Examination, or JEE Main 2020, and want to know how to prepare for Chemistry are in the right place. Chemistry is one of three sections in the JEE Main exam, and it is also the most difficult.
Some students are naturals in all topics, while others require JEE Main 2020 Chemistry preparation tips because they struggle to remember long reactions and require assistance. For such students, here is some information on which books to read and which topics in the JEE Main exam require greater attention. Thus, read the entire article below for JEE Main Chemistry preparation tips and to learn what practices should be incorporated into the study routine.
NTA conducts JEE Main 2020 twice a year in an online-only format. A candidate must be aware that JEE Main 2020 is the first hurdle that must be overcome in order to appear in and qualify for the next level, JEE Advanced, in order to gain admission to an IIT. Here are some helpful online courses for IIT JEE Mains preparation suggestions for the chemistry subject as well as the entire exam.
Don’t clog up your study space with books: Reduced commotion around the study table would benefit students’ mental clarity as well as their productivity. With fewer books on hand, it will be much easier to recall where a specific topic was discussed. If a revision is required, the student can return to that precise topic in that specific book and complete it right away.
In the unlikely event that there are more books than one can count, pupils will read bits and parts from each one. And every time they need to revise something, they have to spend a lot of time and effort just to find the right page!
Students often consider revising from a different book to save time, but the difficulty is that every book’s style and presentation is different, so it will be like reading it for the first time.
Begin your JEE Main preparation as soon as possible: JEE Main 2020 is a difficult exam, and incomplete preparation increases the chances of failing. As a result, students must prepare thoroughly in order to succeed. And, in essence, preparing properly entails preparing early.
As early starters, pupils will have more time to fine-tune their preparation if the track is lost for any reason. If a student is falling behind in a particular portion or topic, for example, there will be enough time to determine whether coaching or another sort of intervention is required. They will be able to keep things under control and not worry as exam day approaches if they have enough time to prepare, presuming they read and practise harder issues.
Recommendations for books: Purchase books that are simple and easy to read, and go over each subject of the curriculum thoroughly. To help understanding concepts, books use numerous illustrations and examples. They also make fewer errors and make fewer unclear statements. The NCERT Chemistry Class XI and XII books are good examples of useful texts that can be used to develop preliminary concepts. Also, keep in mind that not all books written by foreign authors are good, just as not all books written by Indian authors are awful. J.D. Lee is an excellent resource for physical chemistry, and R.C. Mukherjee, an Indian author, has written a book called Modern Approach to Chemical Calculations that is equally useful for learning numerical difficulties.
NCERT Chemistry Books: NCERT Chemistry books alone are insufficient to answer all of the questions posed in JEE Main Chemistry, and students must read additional books as well for a comprehensive JEE Main Chemistry preparation. Another important aspect is that they are the most dependable source of information for learning the fundamental ideas of all of the topics included in the syllabus. Students should pay great attention to the highlighted parts and activities in these books since they are crucial to comprehending the fundamental foundations of the topic and pave the way for understanding concepts found in higher-level chemistry publications such as Atkins.

To acquire a strong NCERT score, you’ll need to practise with other advanced material, preparations, and example questions. It is really helpful in your preparation, although it may have a limited number of practice questions for advanced practice and will significantly improve your problem-solving skills. Must prepare jee main preparation time table for good results.
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