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Best 5 Free Online Courses on Security

The technologically-reliant reality of today's world has made security breach an area of recurrent concern across diverse sectors, more so than ever before. The use of digital tools for conducting the varied functionalities of business operations, therefore, warrants maximized security measures so as to prevent breaches of sensitive information of any kind.

Although oft negated, investing in a crucial facet such as security not only helps in reducing data theft, phishing scams or malware and in furthering safe computing but it also aids in the analysis of potential future risks, thereby, ensuring that there is a functional mechanism in place to cope with and address such situations.

As a business professional, if you are looking for solutions in this data-oriented reality so as to mitigate and combat security issues that might threaten the privacy and credibility of your organization, the remedy lies in opting for an appropriate learning course.

In order to help narrow down your search, here is a list of best 5 free online courses on security that have been compiled especially so that you can equip yourself with potent ways of securing your venture, right from the comfort of your home, absolutely free of cost.

1. Cybersecurity Basics
The increasing reliance on technological solutions, particularly exacerbated by the pandemic, has made it essential for every venture to adopt potent measures that will help in minimizing the risks of potential cyberattacks.

Taking that into account, this is one of the free online courses on cybersecurity on Programs.Online that has been curated to help acquaint you with the foundational basics of cybersecurity and to provide you with a working knowledge of its operational mechanism. The clarity that you garner will help you craft better solutions, implementing those as per the specific needs and requirements of your enterprise.

2. Improve Your Online Business Security
Before you proceed to accord maximum protection to every step of your online business interaction, it is essential to understand its necessity, an aspect that this course delves into.

Along with providing you with the precise technique to integrate security solutions at every level of a business transaction, this is one of free online courses on security that also provides certification upon completion, thereby authenticating your additional proficiency and making your candidature for future roles of leadership stand apart from the rest.

3. Detecting and Mitigating Cyber Threats and Attacks
A due awareness of the propensity and impact of cyber threats is crucial to identify potential risks and take precautionary measures to curb their occurrences. This course by the University of Colorado System duly addresses each of these, thereby helping you understand the specific security requirements that are ideal to protect your enterprise.

4. Security and Privacy for Big Data - Part 1
If you are looking for free online data security courses that will cumulatively tend to the multifaceted domains of maximizing the security of your big data venture, then this is one option on Coursera that will prove truly beneficial.

The flexible format of the course is yet another added advantage that makes it easier for you to partake in this learning journey along with your professional pursuits.

5. Basic Network and Database Security
The security of the operating network determines the safety of extensive crucial data that must be secured in order to maintain the credibility of your organization.

Available on edX, this is one of the free online courses on network security that not only provides you with potent apparatus to enhance network security but also improves your understanding of the diverse data that face the potential risk of being compromised so as to help you augment its overall security in every way.

It is crucial to understand the ever-increasing potential risks of data breaches across sectors throughout the globe and to invest in measures that will mitigate such occurrences. Opting for these free online courses on security will serve as an effective solution in understanding the impact of such risks and in formulating precautionary measures accordingly to maximize their protection.


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