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5 Most Popular LinkedIn Learning Paths for Leadership

As a vocational network designed specifically to further and advance career opportunities, LinkedIn is one of the most opted professional platforms around the world that credibly connects potential job seekers with recruiters seeking the same skills and services. In order to truly boost up career prospects along the way, the platform has a host of designated courses meant to equip individuals with such in-demand skills that will keep them relevant in the competitive arena of the job market.

Since the idea of upskilling implies that an individual has mastered that particular skill in every possible way, LinkedIn has curated specific learning paths for learners from all sectors, alike. These most popular learning paths on LinkedIn have been crafted to help learners take up a new, pertinent skill and develop them from scratch, step by step.

In case you are looking to amp up your career trajectory and seeking to acquire professional dexterity in such skills, here is a list of the best learning paths on LinkedIn that will aid you with the right sort of content, guidance, and approach that you actually need.

1. HR Leadership as Offices Reopen

Post the pandemic, for the professional world to truly recuperate and descend into normalcy, HR leaders will have to take up the vital mantle of restrategizing and looking after employees' interests, more so than ever before. This particular learning path on LinkedIn is an amalgamation of four courses that will acquaint HR leaders with the crucial task of realigning the policies of an organization with the changing nature of occupational scape.

Inclusive of 2 hours of content, the courses will also arm you with the ability to furnish adaptable working options, as and when required and conduct remote interviews as well as provide security and protection of data and privacy, at large.

2. Sales, Marketing and Customer Service in the New World of Work

Going by the saying that the customer is the king, it is imperative to ensure that their changing needs and requirements are also catered to, likewise, in this altered, emerging new world. Among the varied learning paths on LinkedIn, this particular one will help you reorient the business policies of your enterprise in accordance with their changing demands and will aid you in discerning the challenges that are sure to come forth through such transformations.

In case you are seeking to lend the appropriate touch to the experience that the customer derives from your organization, this set of 4 courses is just the learning path that you should choose.

3. Advance Your Skills as a Manager

How good a leader you turn out to be will solely be determined by how well you learn to cope with managerial responsibilities. To develop your prowess in effective decision-making that augments profits and caters to all sections of the enterprise alike, this is one option among the learning paths on LinkedIn that you must consider.

Encompassing 8 courses with content spanning over 5 hours, this particular set is meant to enhance your flexibility as a leader who will successfully be able to implement the right solutions by engaging relevant talent and by implementing the right solutions.

4. Develop Your Data Analysis Skills

The significance of data science and analysis in the present professional climate cannot perhaps be overstated enough. For ensuring that your company is on the right track of utilizing the pertinent data and ripping off adequate benefits, this is one learning path that you must check out.

Not only will these series help you develop the basic foundations that will aid your fluency but it will also aid you in garnering a sort of fluency that will allow you to make far better-informed business decisions, in the long run.

5. Improve Your Threat Modelling Skills

If you seek to function as a leader associated with the security and safety of your organization's data and services, this learning path should be one option that you must check out before deciding on your perfect pick. Acquainting you with the foundations of the STRIDE prototype, this chain of 6 courses will make you aware of the most six generic threats that invade the contemporary workspace and will also equip you with combating such challenges better, in the days to come.


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