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Top 5 Free Courses on Project Management

Most organizations that emphasize efficient and immaculate performance recognize the crucial role that project management plays in this very same regard. If, as a project manager, you are seeking to stay professionally relevant or you are looking to amp up your skill set so as to change your career trajectory, either way, a credible course is non-negotiable.

While earlier learning project management was an elaborate and difficult process, the availability of online courses on different platforms have transformed that reality.

Now, you have the option of acquiring the best of skill sets right from the comfort of your home, often with certification and without burning a hole in your pocket. To make your job easier, a list of 5 top courses on project management has been specifically curated so that you can decide on your final pick without getting lost amongst the myriad of options available online.

1. Fundamentals of Project Planning and Management
Presented by the University of Virginia, this program on Coursera has been designed to augment your organizational skills to help you plan and execute projects better than ever before. The specific methodologies will allow you not only to efficiently utilize resources but also to analyze risks in accordance with which you will adopt the most appropriate path as you proceed.

In case you are starting out and looking for affordable courses on project management, this is an ideal option that you cannot afford to miss out on.

2. Project Initiation and Planning
The initial step of starting out and embarking on a new project is often the most crucial strategy that determines its eventual success and therefore, must be adopted with due tact and precision. This course on Programs.Online, offered by the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, addresses this very vital arena by acquainting you with both conventional and flexible approaches to project management.

The program is meant to help you decide on your comfort methodology, that is more likely to suit your approach and thereby, enhance the overall efficiency of your organization.

3. Risk Management in Development Projects
Available on edX, this course has been designed so as to help you analyze the risks associated with a project and l take pertinent precautionary steps to augment the plausibility of positive outcomes. Besides arming you with optimal evaluative and management strategies, the fact that the course is self-paced and is available for free, are other reasons why you should definitely check it out before deciding on your final pick.

4. Foundations of Project Management
If you are looking for introductory courses on project management that will equip you with a basic understanding of its relevance across different sectors and industries, this is just the pick for you. With a certificate on completion and flexible curriculum, this program on coursera will help you come to terms with the critical functionalities of a project manager in determining the working culture and methodologies of an organization and how in turn, that affects the success of the enterprise, as a whole.

5. Project Management: The Closing Phase
An often negated but significant part of projects is its concluding stage which is why this course specifically caters to that. With this course available on Udemy, learn to bring projects to a close, by employing proven, credible mechanisms that augment your chances of success, in every possible way. With rich cumulative online content and the fact that it comes without any financial brunt, this is one course that must feature in your top picks before you make that final call.

Consistently training and upskilling yourself is the key to maintaining professional relevance in all arenas including that of project management. These 5 top courses on project management will help you take a step in that direction and will further your career and your prospects, in the days to come.


By: John Mathew

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