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Best 7 Online Courses on Artificial Intelligence

The impact of artificial intelligence (AI), on the evolving functional mechanisms of the realm of business, cannot perhaps be overstated. Right from the evaluation and analysis of data for maximizing customer engagement to optimizing the best of opportunities through automation and thereby enhancing revenue generation, the potential of artificial intelligence can be harnessed and leveraged in every essential domain across varied sectors.

Embracing a relatively new technology such as AI, however, requires considerable expertise and prudence, to understand and deconstruct the ways in which it can be effectively adopted and implemented to deliver optimal outcomes.

If you are looking to develop your understanding of AI and its associated technologies to augment efficiency, amplify the overall outreach of a venture, or even, ameliorate the process of credible and informed decision-making, the remedy lies in opting for pertinent learning courses.

In order to help you embark on your learning journey, here is a list of best 7 online courses on artificial intelligence available online across platforms such as Programs Online. Each of these courses will provide you with pertinent guidance and content, that you can access right from the comfort of your home without having to bear the financial brunt of any of it in any way.

1. What is Artificial Intelligence?
Before proceeding to learn about the nuances of the implementation of AI, it is fundamental to learn about its basic foundational principles and the core idea involved. This is one of the top online courses on artificial intelligence, available on Programs.Online, that specifically helps you develop an overall understanding of AI, its components, its application in multiple facets of the professional reality, all at one go.

2. Solve Business Problems With AI and Machine Learning
As an essential apparatus of the present domain of business, the efficacy of AI and Machine Learning cannot be negated at any cost. Arming you with the ability to unlock the potential of AI so as to develop business-driven solutions that are effective as well as ethical, this program will help you augment the overall decision-making and the efficacy of your venture, in the days to come. The fact that it is available absolutely free of cost, is yet another reason why it should feature in your top picks of free online courses to learn artificial intelligence.

3. Build Decisions Trees, SVMs, and Artificial Neural Networks
If you are looking for a course that will not merely acquaint you with the applications of AI but also help you in determining the suitability of these tools in situation-specific scenarios, this is the option among online courses on artificial intelligence that you should be opting for, without a second thought. Additionally, the certification upon completion of this course will authenticate your progress and thereby, attest to your professional credibility as you take up new roles and positions in the future.

4. AI for Everyone
Dismantling the stereotype that makes AI strictly a skill suited for technical professionals, this is one of the courses on artificial intelligence that highlights its efficacy in every facet of the vocational domain. Available on Coursera, this is an ideal option that makes AI far more comprehensible and easier to adopt, thereby, helping you to strategically harness its potential better than ever before.

5. CS50's Introduction to Artificial Intelligence with Python
The implementation of AI to develop solution-centric operational mechanisms can only be accomplished through a critical understanding of its core concepts, inside out. This course on edX specifically provides you with that crucial insight to opt for optimal, algorithmic solutions that will help in crafting the most potent solutions in ground-level scenarios along with integrating them in Python, all at once.

6. Business Analyst: Digital Director for AI and Data Science
A true analysis and understanding of the most recent market trends and consumer requirements across sectors can only stem from the proper utilization of tools such as AI, which this course on Udemy duly addresses, in detail. The fact that it is available absolutely free of cost and can be accessed online, at your convenience, makes it an ideal option that you cannot afford to miss out on, at any cost.

7. AI Programming with Python
If you are looking for a program that equips you with the essential apparatus of leveraging the potential of AI, this is one option on Udacity that you must check out before making your final call. The relevant guidance from eminent experts and the flexibility of pace, are yet other factors, to feature it among your list of top courses on Artificial Intelligence.

While embracing the innovations that come with technologies such as AI and machine learning might come across as difficult, the benefits that they deliver in the long run, however, are unparalleled. Opting for the best online courses on artificial intelligence, therefore, will ensure that you can maneuver your enterprise in the right direction and navigate its way to success with far more ease than ever before.


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