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8 Best Free Online Courses on Blockchain

While the advent of the digital age has ameliorated the functional mechanisms of the business environment in more ways than one, it has also, however, maximized the plausibility of breach of sensitive information, a non-negotiable reality, alongside.

In this context, a transparent technological solution such as the one that Blockchain embodies provides a credible alternative to facilitate secure business transactions, store viable records, reduce operational costs and enhance the overall efficacy of the supply chains, every step of the way.

In the altering era of business reality, if you are looking for a pertinent solution that will enable transactional data sharing among multiple parties in a manner that is swift and secured, a decentralized technology such as Blockchain, immune to modification or alteration, is the one that you should opt for, without a second thought.

While embracing a particularly new digital solution in the context of the business reality might come across as daunting for most, subscribing to the right learning courses on blockchain, however, can simplify the process of understanding and adopting it, in the days to come.

In order to help you get started on your learning journey, here is a list of free online courses on blockchain, all of which are available online across different platforms such as Programs Online and can be accessed absolutely free of cost, as per your own ease and convenience.

1. Introduction to Blockchain Technologies
The key to adopting new technology is to understand the working mechanisms of how it functions in a practical context, inside out. Provided by the INSEAD Business School, this is one of the online courses on blockchain, available on Programs Online, that will serve as an ultimate introductory guide to help you unearth and maximize the potential of this technological solution.

The foundational principles that you are acquainted with in this course along with the understanding that you develop of the varied interlinked components, will help you embrace this innovation and implement it in your own specific business reality faster than ever before.

2. Blockchain Opportunities Beyond Crypto Assets
In order to optimally utilize and reap the benefits of new technology such as blockchain, it is essential to be aware of the diverse opportunities that can be leveraged in a given context, an aspect that this course specifically targets and addresses. The course which is available free of cost has been formulated with engaging video content to enable easier understanding of seemingly complicated concepts without any hindrance coming in the way of your learning journey or holding you back.

3. Fintech: Blockchain for Business and Finance
If you are looking for free online blockchain courses that specifically delves into the efficacy and purpose of adopting blockchain in business environments and unravels the working of cryptocurrencies and other associated fintech solutions, this is one option that you cannot afford to miss out on at any cost.

Deconstructing how blockchain functions through a network of shared ledger systems that secures transactions making them immune to tampering or alteration, this course is the ultimate guide that you, as a business professional, require so as to harness the true potentials of modern-day fintech.

4. The Blockchain System
While it is crucial to understand the advantages of adopting blockchain technology, it is essential, alongside, to understand the exact mode of its interconnected apparatus so as to maximize collaboration and reap collective benefits.

This is one of the courses on blockchain that not only provides you with an elaborate glimpse into the mechanism of this operational procedure but arms you with the knowledge of its associated shortcomings, to help you navigate through challenges and optimize opportunities, as and when they come.

5. Blockchain Basics
Provided by the University at Buffalo of the State University of New York, this is one of the courses on blockchain that helps you dive headlong into the core concepts of this decentralized technology and the algorithms associated with it.

The fact that this is an option on Coursera that allows you to learn at your own pace by providing flexible deadlines and can be accessed online, as per your own convenience, makes it an ideal contender among your top picks before you go ahead and make the final call.

6. Blockchain Business Models
Along with imbibing the basics of blockchain technology, it is necessary to equip yourself with the intricacies of this decentralized solution that will help you implement it in a specific business context, an area that this course specifically delves into.

Further, a glimpse into the associated risks that might come with adopting this solution also helps you to prepare in advance the ways of effectively combating challenges and maximizing its efficacy, more so than ever before.

7. Blockchain Technology
The key to unearthing the potential of the modern economy is to learn credible ways of leveraging technological solutions such as Blockchain and implementing it in industry-specific situations. Offered by Berkeley, University of California, this is one of the courses on blockchain on edX that not only acquaints you with the challenges that might come with embracing this innovation but also provides you with pertinent solutions to counter the impediments that might come along with, step by step.

8. Blockchain and FinTech: Basics, Applications, and Limitations
If you are looking for an all-encompassing course that will provide you with a cumulative overview of blockchain, its emerging applications, benefits, and shortcomings, all at once, this is one of the free online programs on blockchain that you cannot afford to miss out on at any cost.

Its flexible deadlines coupled with the fact that it is available for free, makes it an ideal choice for you to learn this technological solution at your own pace right from the comfort of your home without having to bear the financial brunt of it, in any way.

The key to embracing the reality of the modern economy and optimizing opportunities as they come along, without the risk of a data breach coming in the way, is to adopt solutions such as blockchain technology.

These courses on blockchain will help you in understanding, implementing, and leveraging its true potential in the business-specific contexts enabling you to facilitate transactions, collaborate, and reap positive outcomes without any impediments coming in the way of your business operations.


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